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If You Think This Year Was Bad, Don't Look At Next Year's Schedule


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On 11/18/2016 at 11:28 AM, PepPep said:

Doesn't look that bad. I think the Jets will be better next year. Call me crazy. 

Home (4-3): KC- L, SD- W, ATL- W, CAR- L, NE- L, MIA- W, BUF- W

Away (4-3): DEN- L, OAK- L, NO- W, TB- W, NE- L, MIA- W, BUF- W   

The other two games can swing either way, depending on the teams. Let's call it a split and Jets end up 9-7. That COULD be enough to get in playoffs. All depends on the QB position and how the Jets are able to re-structure the secondary. Those were the two GLARING deficiencies for the Jets this season. They have a full offseason to address them. One of our young QBs stepping up and taking hold of the QB position would help a lot. Getting rid of Revis and his massive contract would help a lot. We shall see. TO ME, and I know some will disagree, Macc has shown that he has a good eye for talent in the draft and is very good at balancing the teams financial assets with the talent they bring in. It hasn't always worked. But his moves make sense and he doesn't over-commit or over-spend LONG TERM.

I want to add that the Jets are not in the worst QB situations. They have 2 young, talented, CHEAP QBs (albeit completely unproven), and have no commitment to any other QB going forward. At least this gives them options. They can try to sign Glennon. They can sign a vet as a stop-gap or backup. They can draft another QB and go with a youth movement- Petty, Hack, rookie. They can try to pull off a trade for, oh I dunno, Romo? A lot of teams have no Franchise QB. Some teams have a Franchise QB that's not very good (Dolphins). Some teams have massive amounts of money invested in their QB and are still perennial losers (Saints). Having little to no money invested in the QB position with two young QBs you drafted on the roster is a good thing- at least going into the off season. Even if the starter has yet to be named.      

Good post except that if Bowles returned next year we'll still underachieve.  

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3 hours ago, Ohio State NY Jets fan said:

I know and I am not a Tebow fan but the way Sanchez played that year they had nothing to lose by giving Tebow the start in Nashville, Tebow beat Rex and the Steelers defense after terrible practices and no knowledge of the offense in Denver so why not throw him out there 

And Tebow has done nothing in the NFL since the Pats and Eagles wouldn't even give him a 3rd string job after signing him and watching him in TC and preseason.  He was a one year wonder 

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