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Jets v Pats game thread 11-27-16

Lizard King

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Could be side effects to going home and seeing my family and having a great Thanksgiving.  But I have a sneaky suspicion the Jets steal a win today.  So here's to all the die hards braving the elements and mustering up the power to root this pathetic team on today!  Thanks for being the warriors we don't deserve and hopefully in a very Jetsy way they reward you guys with the best game you will probably see this year from them.


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A win would feel good.  No doubt.  Always does vs. the Pats.

But a win is quite unlikely.  

So looking at opportunity, we're wasting that.  Petty would be an opportunity, to get game time, to evaluate.  To help decide his future based on play on the field in games that count.

Instead, we play Fitz.  The worst QB in the NFL this year.  Sitting at 3-7.  Because something something Vets will be mad.

I'd say "Same old Jets", but really, when are we NOT the Same Old Jets really.  It's unnecessary.

I hope we win, because it'll feel good.  But really, this is about as unmotivated a game day (as a fan) as I could imagine.

There is almost no reason to WANT to watch today's game.  


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