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Movie Madness 2 - Confusing Counterparts


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21 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

One final thought here... Anyone who has played a long time here, knows fully well that Pac loves to give me the PR to earn a vest thing. He still chuckles to himself over how I ****ed up the 1x BPV play when I first started playing the game. He always goes back to the well. When my PR became obvious, so should have my role. I was easily the most simple person in this game to vet as town by gaming the mod.

Nobody caring isn't my fault.


I didn't see the history with Pac...I played poorly...you had a vest...i made a poor connection...if i could post at work i would have moved to verbal...he was obvious on his return...my bad.   Now jump in Zander's game...he has a nice mix of players from DM signed up.

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On 12/9/2016 at 0:37 PM, Pac said:

Gotta admit..  I take a sense of pride that my game caused an Ape and Fat man to weep into their shirt sleeves.

Suck it up you 2 pansies before I start getting angry.

I think the impact of the bickering is being overstated as is this doom and gloom about losing Slats and Shutout and Vic..  if they don't want to play..  **** em'.  I choose to stick around and again - use the game to communicate with the guys/gals I've been e bickering with over the years.



You've run off more Mafia players than Darthe. 

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