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GDT: Colts vs Jets MNF

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If Bowles comes out of the half with the intention of keeping Fitzpatrick in there Woody should fire him on the god damn field. This is exactly the type of game that Parcells never would have stood fo

Todd.. get off the message board and pay attention to the game

Petty is garbage. He is an inaccurate, immobile one read QB already 2 years in the league.  Case Keenum was and is better. Petty will never start here if we bring in any competent vet. He might even g

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6 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

That throw was honestly...what the ****. There were literally 3 backs standing right in front of the guy.


The Pig is Ripe for Slaughter!!!

Fitzmagic was all over that turnover!!

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Before the game even started I told the wife I'd be turning it off by the end of the first quarter. I lied - I got sucked in and let it go because I wanted to see our possession. Once again, we piss away a red zone opportunity. Why do I keep allowing myself to be fooled by these imposters?

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This makes the Brooks Bollinger days look like the greatest show on turf.

Great thing is I have yet to do anything but shrug...  I have to watch because 30 years but I certainly don't have to care.  Such a shameful performance.

Bowles and every one of his coaches should be placed in a capsule and launched into outer space.

How can they sell Bowles to this fanbase for year 3?  This is for all intents and purposes their SB and they're yet again unprepared, undisciplined, clueless, heartless, and gutless.

What else needs to happen?

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