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Odds Todd Bowles will be fired?



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  1. 1. What are the odds Jets coach Todd Bowles will be fired at the end of this season?

    • 100% - Stone cold mortal lock he will be fired
    • 90-99%
    • 80-89%
    • 70-79%
    • 60-69%
    • 50-59%
    • 40-49%
    • 30-39%
    • 20-29%
    • 10-19%
    • 1-9%
    • 0% - Absolutely no chance he is fired

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I cannot see the sense of bringing him back next year. He has regressed big time, as his team has. It is time to go in another direction. Having said that, I have no clue if he will or will not be back next year, but after we lose out, there should be little doubt left.

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Still depends on what happens going forward. If we lose out? 100%. There's no way Woody is going to take losing to the Niners followed by being embarrassed by the entire division, culminating in a loss to Rex. On the other hand if Petty can miraculously look good, the team starts trying, and they go say 2-2, beating Buffalo in particular, his odds of keeping his job increase.

But don't forget, that Miami game in 10 days is another primetime game on a Saturday. If Miami is fighting for a playoff spot people will tune in, and if the Jets turn in another embarrassing performance it might just be a matter of time at that point.

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2 hours ago, jetscrazey said:

Under 40%.  But Bowles BETTER fire his defensive staff and start over on that side of the ball.  And he better not bring Fitz or Geno back.

Or what ?

Seriously, this is by a country mile the worst Fan Base in the history of sports .

This board has become unreadable  .

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11 hours ago, NoBowles said:

Too many ranges, next time chose 2-4 ranges please.

How about either "I think he gets fired" or "I don't think he gets fired".  Else how do we say who is correct?  E.g. even if gets fired, those saying 80-89% can say "well I did say 10-20% chance he'd get fired".  Though maybe the point of the poll was to get a feel for what fans thought (as opposed to what will actually happen).  I do think it's funny that there 5.6% of the people are certain he'll be fired while 13% are certain he won't be.  For the record, I don't think he'll be fired (unless we really sh_t the bed the next few weeks) both because of appearances (looks chaotic to fire coach and/or GM so often) and because Bowles won 10 games last year.

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Just now, sourceworx said:

If Petty and some of the other young players show us something these last few weeks, and give Woody and the fans some hope for next year, then Bowles stays. If they continue to look as bad as they have, then he's gone.

Not so sure about that if Petty and others shine the question will be why did Bowles wait so long to play them. 

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