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Hotel California Mafia - SIGN UPS


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7 minutes ago, Kaylee said:

She won't. Already asked her. She needs to get caught up on work stuff. If this game ends up with more than one more player then I'll have to switch to helping with VC instead of playing. Can't do a big game atm.


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24 minutes ago, Chrja said:

I can play if you will allow a new guy. 


and i am Euro, so i will post at strange times. 

Welcome Chrja! 

12 minutes ago, Pralaya said:

Can I play? :)


10 minutes ago, Krak said:

Oh yeah, this place


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17 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

I didn't realize this was a DPR sign up thread. He doesn't want me playing in his games anymore, and frankly, I don't care to play much anyway. So, no biggie. :)

I was tagging players randomly to sign up. My bad.

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