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Hotel California Mafia - SIGN UPS


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18 minutes ago, Chrja said:

What are the day cycle in this game? 




48 max Days 

24 mx Nights (Including the introduction of the Twilight phase where each player must present a "reads list"). I'll explain that one more at start.

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6 hours ago, Chrja said:

I can play if you will allow a new guy. 


and i am Euro, so i will post at strange times. 

Hello person I dont know!!!!!!


6 hours ago, Pralaya said:

Can I play? :)

Hey its PralGOAT!!!!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

6 hours ago, Krak said:

Oh yeah, this place

Whats krakalackin Krak?!?!!?!?!?


5 hours ago, Andrej The Giant said:

So size DOES matter? 🤔

Was this ever really a question?!!?!?!?


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4 hours ago, Krak said:

@OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!!


Let it it be known that if I get a kill I won't hesitate to use it on you.  


Mainly if you make the thread unreadable.

Good thing IDGAF what you think then eh...get on my level brah!!!!




4 hours ago, Verbal said:

Have LK and Zander been in a game together yet?

Yes sir

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