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1 minute ago, Awesumtenor said:

All that means is that the Rams chose poorly with the first overall pick. Has zero bearing on the Jets as a team or Petty as a QB.

Just admit you hate Petty and wont give him a chance the next 3 weeks.  Id respect you more if you admitted it

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20 minutes ago, Scoop24 said:

Bro I just explained to u why I got defensive .. this comment again is me being honest. And u get offended .. it's cool man I got no problems with you.. I'm just here stating my opinion which just like everyone else here means nothing .

I NEVER got offended.  You did.  I extended a olive branch to you even saying you made a good point and you decided to insult me.  I can be the nicest guy but after being disrespected I get upset

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