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Rex to be fired as soon as Monday: Report


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Well both would cost more money and more years than Fitz did and neither one are taking this team to the next level. Also, if this team thinks Hack is the goods, they both would block that growth. Fitz hasn't blocked the growth of any QB on this team. 

If this team does anything that is inferior st the moment with the idea of waiting on Hack then everyone should be fired and then set on fire leaving the building. Hack is so far from a guarantee it's not even funny. If they can sign Glennon they better ******* do it.

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5 hours ago, Rangers9 said:

Supposed a lot of turmoil behind the scenes. But to me he deserves at least the rest of the season. They started at 0-2 and since then have been 6-4. As for Tyrod reportedly the Bills will not pick up his option. If true I'd love to see us sign him. Now you know why Marrone left. The owners are budding in and have been all season.

Seriously TT will be a FA?  I'd be all about bringing him here if so.

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1 minute ago, Charlie Brown said:

I don't have any tremendous negative feelings towards Rex and actually wished him well when he left but some of the posters out here who continued to say "if only Rex were here..." owe everyone a big apology. 


Its equivalent to the Geno fans claiming we would be 9-4 right now with Geno as the starting QB

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9 minutes ago, jmat321 said:

He will come back to the NY market as a talking head, will get wildly popular again.  At some point, he will be coaching for the Jets again.  It's a given.

Come to NY as a talking head to this market?  No, if he were to become a talking head it would be on the national stage.

Theres no chance he coaches here again.


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6 hours ago, AFJF said:

You know who should be most concerned about this?  No Jets fan ever.  He's gone.  He won four road playoff games here..hope you enjoyed them because he's gone.



Jets fans paying attention to a division rival...makes me sick how pathetic it is, Smdh

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