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#### New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ####


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See throwing balls up over and over again doesn't work in the NFL.  It works for a bit, you get a touchdown here and there, get some big yards etc. Eventually thoughl the DBs get a rhythm and then you can get like 2-3 interceptions in a hurry and outright lose a ballgame that you should have won.

Petty won't be a starter in the league playing like this.  It makes for entertaining football, but it's not the longterm solution.

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1 minute ago, CanadaSteve said:

I can only listen to the game, but it sounds like the first thing Petty needs to learn is there is more than just one player on the Jets he can throw the football to other than Anderson.

Oh, and this defense stinks.

Maybe if they held on to the ball, he would throw it to them more.

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Just now, New York Mick said:

Petty is basically Fitz with a stronger arm. 

No he is better than that. He has a TON to learn, it will take a while but even that pick was mostly a good play. Good read, actually a decent throw, just a great pick and Anderson  is not a jump ball guy.

BTW, why does it seem we always have announcers overtly rooting got the other team in nationally televised games?


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