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A note to the moderators


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19 minutes ago, BRONX DUDE said:

What happened  to FreeDom of Speech?? 





Just End The Season

Only applies to the government .  A private citizen is allowed to censure comments in their home, place of business.  We all agreed to a "terms of use" 

In the small print Maxx can sent people to our homes.

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9 hours ago, Maxman said:

Definitely could have.

But I am tired from having to deal with the 10 recent complaints about this guy. And he ignored the Private Message I sent him and spammed another thread today. So rather than just ban him, I figured let's send him one last message in a really extreme fashion.

Banning him would have been easier. But I am compassionate. And I think that everyone should have a voice on JetNation. I just have to remind him that it needs to be more than 2 words in every thread saying Fire Bowles.

Make JetNation great again!

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15 hours ago, Maxman said:

I just reached an agreement with Joe Willy 12 (the poster, not the QB) and he is going under a self-imposed temporary exile. You have seen the reports of posters complaining about his non-stop one line fire the coach comments. So JW12 has agree to not post here again until Tuesday or Wednesday. Let's split the different and call it Tuesday at 2:15pm Eastern time.

If you see him post before then, this should be considered a hostile act and please refer to your handbook to see how to handle this. Or just ban him.


In his defense, I really think the Jets would have played better Saturday night if it said 'Jets' in the end zones. 

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