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The Official Jets vs. Cheaters Christmas Eve Game Thread


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So with little left to play for, our beloved (hated) New York Jets take on the New England Cheaters today, Christmas Eve, at 1 pm (on CBS).

Bowles, despite his heart attack scare, will Coach.

Petty, despite being broken in half like a ragdoll, will start at QB.

Here is hoping for some signs of positivitiy we can take into the offseason, and perhaps a close game to keep us happy and give us enjoyment this holiday season.

Regardless of outcome, lets be full of happiness and cheer  (and top shelf whisky) today, and enjoy time with out loved ones for the priceless moments that they are.

We win, great, we beat our hated rival.  We lose, fine, better draft spot.

Bring on the game!

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This game typifies my loyalty to the Jets.  On the one hand were up against our hated rival on the other it's Christmas Eve with family.  I'll watch and hope for the best but at the end of the night I'm grateful for my family and the other loyal Jets fans who follow this crazy, often inept franchise. 

Do you believe in miracles?

Merry Christmas Jets fans. Keep the faith.

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The Jets are my team I always root for them to to win every game no exceptions. 

Woody Johnson has seen enough failure this season that he has to make changes if not sell the team Woody. 

Todays game in NE could get ugly but in the grand scheme of things its the holiday season my life goes on and so should yours this is on the owner,gm,coaches and players. 

Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays,Happy Hanukkah my brother Jets fans may peace be with you all. 

Lets go Jets pull off a miracle today. 


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Jets have no chance of winning, none. So I would like to see Petty play well, but the Jets lose 65-35, and embarrass the **** out of Woody on Christmas Eve and hope he pulls his head out of his sphincter 

Regardless of the context I could never want any of my teams to lose. Something I can never get my head round
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We lead the league in starters on IR with eleven. I can remember last year Tex being unwilling to give us any credit for beating them saying (rudely but not inaccurately) that we beat their JV team. (a line that got Obama in trouble). But no excuses, this year we couldn't beat their JV team. 

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