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More likely to be fired. Bowles or Rex (choose ONE)


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As sad as it is, I do not belive Bowles is even undre threat of being fired, much less likely to be fired.

He should be, he has failed so completely and utterly this year it warrants such action.

But I simply do not believe he will be, or that Woody/Macc are even considering it.

The excuse de jour this cycle of failure: Mass Injuries and 'surprisingly' bad/fragile QB's (Fitz and Geno)

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I personally like Bowles over Rex.  But if you're looking at the two seasons they've both coached Rex deserves his position and another year over Todd. The Bills started off the season 0-2 and then kind of climbed back into contention. They will probably beat us and end up at 8-8. They have been very competitive this season and a tougher team to beat than us. We haven't been competitive in 7 out of 15 games. There's been as it always is with Rex controversy but this time a lot of complaints from the players on the Bills. You rarely saw that here. His team lost a tough game today. I think they might both get fired esp if the Jets get taken to the woodshed again like we did today,  But it seems like Rex is probably already out the door but we don't know about Todd. Didn't the Pegulas earlier this season go over his head to replace their OC. They apparently are already tired of his act as is some of the press in Buffalo.

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