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LOL Today we kicked a FG down 41 points


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I particularly enjoyed what transpired at the end of the first half after our resident leader decided to call a TO....NE was going to run the clock out until the moron called TO. BB then decided to stick it up his arse. LOL.

Who did not automatically know that NE would score a TD the minute he called that TO LOL, I did.

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1 hour ago, RutgersJetFan said:

That was a legit f-ckboy move. If I had any hesitation about Bowles having to go it's gone. What a pussy.

If any of us had a year like Bowles just had we would all get fired at our jobs and probably never let back in that career field ever again.


Enjoy going 0-16 in 2017 guys

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I was very good by this.... A similar situation occured with Philly on Thursday. They could have easily went into ot with a field goal... But went for the TD... Their is no moral victory to avoid a shutout....True pussy sh*t by bowles.....I am so over him.... We need a real HC who has an offensive system and we can devote bowles to dc


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