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Will the Bills release Tyrod Taylor?


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Just now, joewilly12 said:

Glennon was there first if he was so good they wouldn't have taken Winston.

Winston was the consensus #1 pick.  Every scout, every front office agreed the Bucs were absolutely right to take him at 1.  Who should they have taken instead Dante Fowler?

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13 minutes ago, thadude said:



"It was a decision that was difficult, but one that Bills owners Terry Pegula and Kim Pegula felt they had to make. 

That has nothing to do with Tyrone Taylor, but thanks for the free porn link.

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On 2016-12-28 at 10:03 AM, drdetroit said:

You guys are such homers


Hack is horrible.  Our coaching staff is hiding him for a reason



I don't see the Tampa coaching staff forcing Glennon to wear fleece sweaters on the sidelines and fill water bottles like Hack

Again, no offense to you, but I'll wait until he has played about 15 actually games before I see for myself.

And if you think Glennon is much better, well......


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Will Jets' next QB be on opposite bench in finale? Hint: Tyrod Taylor



Interesting week for the New York Jets. Embarrassed in New England. Sparks in the locker room at halftime. Surgery for Bryce Petty. Training staff thrown under the bus by Muhammad Wilkerson. Unfortunate comments by Darrelle Revis.

We'll cap the week (and the regular season) with our question of the week, focusing on -- what else? -- the quarterback situation.


The next coach will have a lot to say about Taylor's future, but it sure sounds like he'll become a free agent. Would the Jets be interested? It depends on a number of factors. Let's start with coaching and scheme.

Taylor would be a bad fit in Chan Gailey's offense, which spreads the field with receivers and requires the quarterback to make quick decisions. That's not Taylor's game. Right now, he's in a run-oriented, old-school offense that protects him from being the focal point. He's really just a game manager. He also takes a lot of sacks (a league-high 42), which would drive Gailey nuts. If the Jets have a new coordinator next season, a possibility, it changes everything.

Before they make any quarterback moves, the Jets must determine their confidence level in Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. If they believe one can develop into a competent starter by 2018, they'd only need a stop-gap quarterback in 2017. I suspect Taylor, making $9.5 million this year, will be looking for more than a prove-it deal even though he still has to ... well, prove it. If they could get Taylor for $9.5 million, with the flexibility to cut him after a year, yeah, it would make some sense. That would be a reasonable price for a starting quarterback.

The biggest positive about Taylor is that he doesn't throw a lot of interceptions -- only 12 over the last two seasons (816 attempts). That's the main reason why his QBR is a solid 67.3. In reality, he's not as good as the number. Nevertheless, his ball security would appeal to the Jets, who have been plagued by interceptions for ... oh, the last decade. Consider: Ryan Fitzpatrick has 17 interceptions in 373 attempts this season.

Lastly, we should mention one reason not to like Taylor for the Jets. Rex Ryan loves the kid and, considering his track record with quarterbacks, that might be the kiss of death.



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On 12/31/2016 at 1:27 PM, thadude said:

If you Taylor play at Seattleon MNF last month you'd know he is a very good player.  Ryan Fitzpatrick sharted the bed at home against the Hawks' D; Taylor would have beaten them in their own house if it wasn't for a blown call at halftime.

ANY team can beat ANY team ANY time... trying to compare the play of 1 player in those games doesn't justify the outcome.

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11 hours ago, jetsons said:

ANY team can beat ANY team ANY time... trying to compare the play of 1 player in those games doesn't justify the outcome.

were we supposed to be impressed w/ him losing at Seattle?  they were down double digits at the half, he had a huge INt in the 3rd qtr down 11 deep in Sea territory.  he then led a TD drive to pull them w/in 28-25 and had 2 possessions to lead Buf to a GW TD and failed.  The Buf D allowed only 3 pts all 2nd half.

I like Taylor a few years ago but he has been regressing each season, to me he's like a McCown where he can start until; you find a real long term starter.  taylor did very little to help Buffalo end that playoff drought this year.  he led Buf to around 17 PPg w/ is awful.

A year ago I would have taken Taylor but if we aren't getting Cousins or Bridgewater then our best option is to re-sign McCown and draft a QB.(even w/ teddy we draft a QB but I think Teddy has a an upside that a QB like Taylor does not).

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