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Funny - SI has us ranked last


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4 hours ago, vanDoug said:

Brownies win a game and hack mag SI dumps us in the basement.



They're right.  And I'm telling you now unless Mac knocks it out of the park in the offseason and has a great draft and signs Glennon or Taylor this team is going at best 3-13 next season.

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At this point in the season? I can absolutely see the argument for us being bottom of the food chain... 

I think if those rankings are supposed to encompass the entire season, we'd be a few spots higher... There were times early on, although rare, when the team showed a few more flashes than the Browns or the 49ers, at least... But that's an argument you can make as well... I mean we're talking about the difference of a few spots.

It'll be something nice to talk about next year when the Jets turn it around! Hey, don't laugh... It could happen... Maybe...


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The Jets are a garbage team, giving garbage effort, with a garbage head coach.

Watching a hall of famer like Joe Thomas actually cry because they finally won a game was more inspirational than anything I've seen from this undisciplined pack of bums. 

End the season.  Cut everyone.  Give every coach on this team a pink slip.  Burn the whole thing with fire.

They suck and their "effort" is an embarrassment to anyone who has paid a dime to watch them this year.

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