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cost to trade for jimmy garrapolo [sp]

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3 hours ago, DMan77 said:

His sample size is definitely too small so far. I mean BB made Matt Cassel look like an MVP that one year, before he fell back to earth when he left. If I'm a team going after JG I'd be worried about the same thing.

I'm sure they'll be asking for a 1st round pick though, and they might get it from someone.


Cassel went to the pro bowl 2 years after he left NE. That said...

I still think it would be impossible for the Jets to make a trade for him, given his small body of work in the public eye. If he's let go for anything reasonable, especially to the Jets, it surely means BB has good reason to believe he blows. If the asking price is high, he could be good and he could still blow, regardless of how anyone thinks he's looked so far.  In that case, he may very well take the next-highest offer. 

He can inquire, as a call/email costs nothing, but really it's probably a waste of time. 

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5 hours ago, Freemanm said:

Has Matt Cassel not taught anyone anything? Any team willing to give up a 1st AND 4th rounder for him deserves to lose next season

I knew Cassel was overrated garbage from early on.  Ditto for Tx's boy Mallett



Garropolo is better than them


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