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Niners firing Chip and Baalke


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5 hours ago, Jetster said:

You think Bowles is a better coach than Chip Kelly?

Yes I do.  Chip Kelly does not belong in the pro game.  He has proven that as much in three years.  He over produced one year, and under produced the next.  We shall see what he is like next year.  He will probably get 8 games tops anyway.

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I like using the no huddle and wish the Jets used it a lot more instead of the lowest number of plays in the NFL. But using it most if not all of the game in the NFL wears out teams physically. And this shows esp later in the season. The hurry up and no huddle is a great tool but to blend with a regularly paced offense. Esp when the regular offense isn't working. I think Chip used it less this year but I'm not sure. I know Belichick was interested in it. And Chip visited with him and Cheaters coaches or visa versa to study how he ran his offense.

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