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The Official New Years Day Bills-Jets Game Day Thread


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8 minutes ago, Rangers9 said:

It's obvious the trend in NFL among owners is to fire coaches almost immediately if no success. 

If you have a coach, who not only loses but exhibit's incompetence as well , like Todd  Bowles, you have to fire them. Just like at QB you either have it or you don't when it comes to leading men. If I were the owner of the NY Jets watching what I watched this season I would have fired Todd Bowles Mid season. Not because of any un written rule of giving a coach so much time but because we have witnessed a guy who is in WAY over his head and he is not cut out to be a head coach. He's a position coach at best. He is making the same mistakes as last year and he's making them more often. He's mis-using players like Revis Richardson Powell early on he was pounding Forte and he was pounding his two 30 year old WR's when he had promising young players in Peake and Anderson who could have taken some of the pressure off and neither saw the field at all. After the first 5 weeks Anderson was averaging 3-5 plays a game. You would think he could have at least been used as a burner to open things up yet Nothing. Harris still working in coverage and in on passing downs ? Why did we draft Lee ? Just an outright debacle from every level of coaching is what I'm seeing

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3 minutes ago, Gen X Jet said:

Todd really has a great grasp of the use of the timeout. He's really improved in that respect. 


2 minutes ago, AbstraKt said:

On the same drive.


2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Fire everyone in this complex organization.


2 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Todd Bowles just used two of his second-half timeouts. In the third quarter. In the first 7 minutes.

Dammit I missed all this while posting ...Better get back to the TV can't miss this game management blunder

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