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When is McCagnans post season press conference?


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1 minute ago, kmnj said:

he is building a core of guys that cant play lol-in the league today you can in two years with drafts and FA if done right greatly improve your team-we did not improve at all but regressed greatly


I think you're being dramatic.

But it's cool. Not worth arguing over... vent away.

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46 minutes ago, drsamuel84 said:

I've given Macc the benefit of the doubt and actually think he's done a better job here than most people considering what he walked into.   I hope he proves me wrong but the more and more I think about it, the Hack pick just made no sense in the 2nd rd.  He knew he was drafting a multi year project and with this team in desperate need of that franchise guy he's just not a good fit here.  He needed to go to a team that has an older, established QB in place like the Pats, Saints, Giants etc.. where he can stand on the sidelines for 3 years and fix the mechanical issues without the pressure of fans clamoring for him to play.  I just hope Macc realizes the mistake and doesn't build the team and coaching staff around what's best for Christian Hackenberg instead of what's best for the franchise

just don't get your reasoning. Macc did his due diligence in scouting QBs. He really liked what he saw in Hack. He recognized Hack had a ways to go before he could be a starter. Nobody ever said multi-year project. Everybody said, we will see how he develops. Thats what all coaches/gms say. Its the prudent thing to say. So far, Hack has sat out ONE season. He's 21. No a good fit? So instead of drafting a potential Franchise QB with all the physical tools, great leadership, work ethic and smarts, to develop for the future, for the Jets to have a guy that can feel comfortable taking the reigns after 1-2 years of development, still in his rookie contract, Macc should have doe WHAT exactly??? Who could he have drafted that could step right in and start? Oh, right, Dak Prescott. Cuz he was a no-brainer lock to be ROY, right?

So I'm just saying, apart from any assumptions that he is a bust, why was Hack such a bad pick? A potential Franchise QB is a reach late in the 2nd round? Really? Why? B/C he needs time to develop? What a freaking joke! So are you suggesting that the Jets, b/c they have no established vet star QB like the Pats or Giants can't develop a promising young QB? I mean, thats your rationale, right? So the Jets only hope is to draft a QB thats a stud right away? C'mon man, don't you see how silly that sounds. HAck needed to go to a team like the Pats b/c he's not ready to start year one????

He brought in a vet as a bridge. Hindsight is 20/20 but Fitz had a very solid season for the Jets last year, not sure how bringing him back on a one year deal and drafting a QB that needed at least a season to sit was a 'bad' move.     

So I'm going to say this again. Hack, as a rookie, was not ready to start. He has been on the sidelines all of ONE season. That's NOTHING. He will now get a shot to compete for the starting gig (more than likely). We will see. He may need more time. But he is a smart kid, a film rat and has all the tools. There is no reason to think he is 2-3 years away. Macc brought i a 'bridge' QB in Fitz. And he may do that again this season (with Hoyer maybe?). There is noting wrong with that. Fans need to chill out and see how things develop with Hack. He's not yet a bust. He's not yet a 'bad' pick. 

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1 minute ago, Integrity28 said:

He's done an average job, in a sh*tty situation. 

I agree with the criticisms of signing crappy veterans that people like @dbatesman have made.

I don't agree with the criticisms that "none" of the picks are any good except Leonard. Jet fans are some of the quickest to forget how things work regarding building through the draft... all the while clamoring for a "proper rebuild".

a proper rebuild involves drafting guys with talent that can play-he drafted questionable guys outside of williams and they so far have not panned out.

you dont need years to see a guy is a bust-prime examples shephen hill and gholston-it was clear very early they sucked and they did -all of the time in the world was not going to  help them


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8 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:


There was zero confusion from the organization regarding their plans with Christian Hackenberg.. but a Jet fan will believe what a Jet fan wants to believe

Agreed. When Hack was picked all the Mel Kipers and Todd McShay's said that he wouldnt be ready to start for about 3 years. The Jets basically red shirted him before rookie mini camp even started. They didn't give him a chancw with the low reps he go in training camp and practice. This was the Jets plan all along, groom hin slowly. They are sticking to their plan.

I understand people think that its ridiculous to use a 2nd rounder on a multiyear project. Thats debatable. But Hack's pick tells me is that Mac knew we weren't close to being a contender. If you are a piece or two away, you dont use a 2nd rounder on a projct QB.

Aaron Rodgers didnt start until his 4th year, and whatever preseason or regular season games he cameo'd in those first 3 years he looked horrible. So, the Jets know what Hack is and what he can become, so they're taking their time. 


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1 minute ago, JetFanWithNOPSL2017 said:

Q. How awful is it to have to listen to the ignorance of our beat writers and even worse, the nonsense from the 5 or so SOJFs at internet message boards? (see #2 10 22 and 25 above for excellent examples)

Or you can just turn off your computer and ignore ALL the idiots that are opining as Journalists or fans on the internet. 

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Just now, kmnj said:

a proper rebuild involves drafting guys with talent that can play-he drafted questionable guys outside of williams and they so far have not panned out.

you dont need years to see a guy is a bust-prime examples shephen hill and gholston-it was clear very early they sucked and they did -all of the time in the world was not going to  help them


Prime example of you being wrong: Winters, Enunwa.

3rd - 7th rounders very rarely contribute immediately. Very rarely. They need development. Right now, there are several guys he's taken late (or as UDFA) that look far better, and like they might be part of the solution, than any of the several drafts before he got here.

As of right now, Mac has only picked Leo, Darron, Hack and Devin Smith in the first 2 rounds. Devin Smith is a calamity of injuries, which you can't put on the GM if there's not a history there. It's just bad luck. Leo is great. Darron got beat like a rookie does. Hack hasn't played. 

Development time is the reason why Mac has been signing vets for starting roles. I think his draft classes have shown promise, because I'm not putting the weight of the world on them to produce 5-7 GREAT players immediately. That's naive as sh*t.


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Just now, Matt39 said:

Jets always hiding these things when they suck. They'd have this streamed like Hans Gruber if they made the playoffs.

Woody runs his PR like a textbook rich white guy whose earnings and self-worth are defined by manipulating the masses.

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21 minutes ago, kmnj said:

his drafts have been terrible-in typical jets fashion our team stinks but the guys we draft cant make the starting rotation -out of two years of picks there is one good guy in Williams-Lee sucks but lets say we count him as good that is one per year-my little nephew could have drafted williams

his contracts =awful-fitz, revis and mo--all terrible-

the bmarsh pick up was good

I liked the forte move although the result was not great

I would rate him as a F especially considering the team is sinking like  a stone and he tied his regime to Fitz and Hack

He has had 2 seasons of drafts. Players need time to develop. So you saying his drafts are terrible, right of the bat is a silly statement. If you expect every player drafted to be a L.Williams and show immediate impact on the field, well, I really don't know what to say about that. Lee sucks. Ok Great analysis. Why? B/C he can't cover NFL TEs? lol. He's a rookie and has played well his rookie season. Especially for a rookie being thrust into a starting role. Most games he is ALL OVER THE FIELD. Piling up tackles and always being around the ball. If all you want to see is how he was beat by TEs in coverage, then you have blinders on. He's a LB, not a CB. 

Burris, Jenkins, Mauldin, Simon, Peake, Shell (who has barely played), Hack (who has yet to play), L.Edwards all suck. No NFL team would want these players. Ok dude.

Mo was a terrible signing. Ok. Why? B/C he had a bad season. So if he has a great year next season its a great signing? Hmmm. Mo was the backbone of the Jets D-line for years. He was a prototypical 3-4 DE that was a force against the run and can put pressure on the QB. He was a model citizen and a hometown guy. He was coming off one of his best seasons, until he broke his leg. He was a lunch-pail type of guy that never 'slacked-off'. The Jets did the right thing by re-signing him. No, he did not have a good season. Maybe he was out of shape after the injury, maybe there was a lack of effort, maybe it was the awful secondary play that limited his production. But if you look at his body of work, odds are he has a comeback season next year.     

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