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Jets have to re-sign Geno


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1 hour ago, Mike135 said:

True, and that is a small consolation.  But think about it a bit more.

It seems you're saying you're glad we sucked with Fitz so it could prove to the fools that wanted him back that Fitz did in deed suck.  Then what?  You're thinking the fools will learn something and not make a similar mistake again?

If that's the case, ok, works for me.  Sacrifice a season to educate the GM/coach/fans.  

However this is where overestimating humanity comes into play.  Do you really think most learned anything?  

Sadly, I don't.  It may boil down to simply saying "ya can't fix stupid".


At first wanted him back because of continuity. But once it got to April/May, I felt they should've signed someone else to fill that role (Hoyer) and move on. But once it became clear that they were not moving on and were in fact chasing Fitzpatrick I was at peace with it. I however knew had they moved on and we stunk this year we would never hear the end of it. The only consolation is seeing agendas get obliterated, and watching all the backtracking and double standards. So pretty much there were no excuses this year. 

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