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NFL Wildcard Weekend Games Thread


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Who knows what to expect from today's game.   It's bad enough that they have to go with the rookie Qb, ( first start) and now they have to go without their starting Lt.(Donald Penn)

Next man up, and Menelik Watson ( free agent - starting Lt today) could make himself a lot of money today with a good game.

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42 minutes ago, OH THE PAIN said:

Who gives a rat's ass !! I have to shovel . 

Get a real job and buy a snowblower. 

42 minutes ago, OH THE PAIN said:

No one likes you . Discuss with yourself .


41 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

There is going to be a lot of Connor Cook whining going to happen. JoeWilly has already begun it.

Just stating a FACT rookie QB starting today. 

38 minutes ago, JetFanWithNOPSL2017 said:



That's what he does to every thread



Wahhhhhhh ditto 

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38 minutes ago, Warfish said:

I liked Connor Cook coming out, he was my "get a QB in the mid-rounds" choice/preference.

Will be interesting to see if my gut feeling on him was on the mark or way off.  Tough tho, for a rookie to be in this spot.

I wanted him in 2015...then he had his final season and my attraction wore off.  He's in an incredibly difficult situation today.  I don't know how he's gonna pull it off.  Staring guys down badly so far.  Has to settle down...but that's gonna be hard to do with Clowney coming down his throat every snap.

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