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If the Jets....


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If the Jets __Sign Larry David as the offensive coordinator and Hard knocks does a 18 episode show following him all season long meanwhile bringing back the 90's jets logo/uniforms like my avatar hottie girl_________, I will __regardless of the outcome...buy DVD's/Blue Ray's and watch every press conference religiously and buy mass Jets merchandise until I am forced to declare bankruptcy/every credit card company lists me as public enemy number one_______.


(I thought about posting something negative like if the jet's moved to St. Louis and left their logo/colors/name in New York and signed Kaepernick and win the superbowl under the new team name of the St. Louis canucks.. I will probably all hope in mankind like but.. that would have been too negative and life's too short to be negative....)




but no seriously...to play along and not to offend anyone on the board..


If the Jets __Sign Jay Cutler and bring back the strong run game_________, I will ___ be very pleased__________________.



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If the Jets trade up in the 1st round, I will flip the *$#% out. 

If the Jets draft anyone other than a top 10 prospect (according to me), I will be pissed. 

If the Jets land Myles Garrett, I will be the happiest man alive.

If the Jets draft another QB in the 2nd round that isn't Deshaun Watson or Mitch Trubisky, I'm going to hang myself with my 2 Revis jerseys. 

If the Jets add any more Ohio State players, I'm going to have Macc checked for dementia. 

If the Jets go 0-16, I'll be perfectly okay with it. 

If the Jets keep Bowles after 2017, I will lose any remaining confidence in Woody.

If the Jets sell to the Busch family and move to STL, I'll be excited. 



If the Jets do anything I want them to do, I will likely be dreaming.

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