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Predict Bowles' Quotes


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Having been snubbed by the Eagles and things not working out with the Den RB coach, what will Bowles say when they eventually hire an OC or promote Dorrell?

I'll start...


"He was our number one guy from the start, we just had to make sure the timing was right. It's always a good thing when you get your top choice"


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36 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

"I didn't realize how much some  Jets fans love to whine, even though they don't know the facts."

Fact is, senior bowl is in 9 days and there's no OC or QB coach in place.  Might want to get on the same page with those guys and have a meeting or two before heading out to evaluate offensive/QB talent.

I think Dorrell has a real shot at the job because he'll be the only guy who has worked with the staff and seen the current QB's extensively.

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1 hour ago, Sarge4Tide said:

I don't know what Bowles will say but I can predict with 100% certainty  that whoever is hired will be proclaimed by Mehta, Cimini, and their fanboy message board trolls as the single worst choice that coukd have ever possibly been made

oh no, not that!

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1 minute ago, Joe Jets fan said:

No matter who it is many posters here will hate it.  

What else is new? Some guys on this board reply in the negative to any move the Jets make. They think its their "right" as a Jet Fan. Please just because your a fan or have a PSL does not mean you know sh*t.

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2 hours ago, Maxman said:

Week 4 2017 Season Press Conference

Mehta:  Coach after an 0 and 3 start, are you second guessing your decision to be both offensive and defensive coordinator?

Bowles: No. It is an in-house matter but we were able to save one salary which makes Woody happy.

Cimini: But isn't one guy calling all the plays for both sides of the ball little extreme?

Bowles: No. It actually saves us a considerable amount of administrative expenses. We need one less headset on game day, those Bose things are expensive. We only have to print one double sided play sheet. And Woody has been able to convert the coaches booth into another PSL section.

Leberfeld: I said it at the time, one both my radio show and in my premium subscription magazine that not hiring someone to run the offense was a mistake.

Bowles: Dan is there a question there?

Leberfeld: No but if you could just have the Jets include the link to my premium site that would be helpful.

Jets Insider: Um, coach, looking at the breakdown of the first three games...

Bowles: Next.

Jets Insider: We weren't done coach, the trend of offense seems to be run heavy since...

Bowles: Wrong. Next question. We aren't taking questions from you. Fake news organization.

Slater: Coach, the decision to stop Christian Hackenberg from throwing a football, even during practice, can you tell us the thought process there?

Bowles: The plan hasn't changed. Christian will observe football the next 3 years. In 2020 our new QB coach will take a year to look at his mechanics. In 2021 they start the multi-year process of fixing the hitch in his giddy up.

Jets Insider: About the tendency to run on 3rd and 7....

Speight: This presser is over. Please remain seated, here comes Mr. Glat to talk about exciting changes to the Jets Rewards program. We have exciting new partnerships with 3 additional luxury car dealerships that we want to review with you all.


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