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1 hour ago, Dicetosser said:

vote zander


he raised his hand


1 hour ago, Chrja said:

Do i get an award for being the first one to call him out?  


I do like awards. 


Hey hey!  

What's up guys!  





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Ahhh yes, I see things are progressing nicely.

8 hours ago, Andrej The Giant said:

Raise your hand if you're scum

*raises hand*

6 hours ago, OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! said:

Wow DPR must feel pretty inadequate with not 1 but 2 sexy Moddess!!!!!


I'm feeling something, but I don't know that's it's inadequacy... 

3 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

 I would at least rock the outfit, imo.

Oh do I ever. We should play 'release the kraken' sometimes ;) 


3 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

What smartphone did ya get? i just got a Samsung 7. It's pretty sweet.


3 hours ago, Chrja said:

It kind of confuses me, with people not playing having conversation in the thread. 


do you guys always allow that? 

Yes, Chrja. This is a more casual board, so I and the co-pirates will post in the game. Joke phase tends to last a bit longer here as well... Also, the occasional player that is not in the current game may also drop by. 

However, there are more than a few sharp players on board and the quality of the game is important to all, so no worries. 


3 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

I'm a co-pirate. I HAVE RIGHTS.

Also, yes.

Co-Pirate has just been officially added to the Miriam-Webster: Mafia edition. 

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Just now, Krak said:

Could be a wolf, could be trying to make a new guy splash.


You really think he's a wolf?

I do.

At 1st I did kinda think it could have been just a get things started kind thing.

But the way he progressed it and his responses/reasoning then the vote AFTER getting support, then the "Im out for 24 hours" post is prolly him not wanting to spew any teammates imo and a very bad look.


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3 hours ago, OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! said:

WTF are you talking ABOOT EH?!?!?!

Its page 3 and over 50% hasnt even checked in yet.

AND HOLY contradiction Batman irt BOLD

You say Notbob is Town, You got a message saying Crusher was Scum and that I'm Mafia....youre saying sh*t without any substance and does nothing to game solve.

Seems to me you complaining ABOOT the things IM doing when youre doing what youre complaining about yourself but have an issue with me doing it??!!?!

I call BS




Technically he said we should discuss you being scum. He got a message saying I'm scum. A message. 

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