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1 hour ago, The Crusher said:

I must have seriously missed something with the attention Shad is getting. Everybody knows I hate it when 80 does his follow me to victory thing. 80! Are you scum bro? No interest in chrja. Actually don;t like Spooty pies vote on chrga. Someone has to sell me on Shad. 80 convince me different but you are starting to give me pause.  Give me pages or something. I got a couple moments before deadline to check. But as of now between the three of you I have to give you my vote.

vote 80

Did you even read my case on Shad?  Come on man.  Go back to page 42 or so and read my thoughts. 

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5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Everyone vote Shad.  I'm like 85 % confident you won't be disappointed. 


5 hours ago, Krak said:





4 hours ago, Andrej The Giant said:

vote Shad

lets try this on for size


4 hours ago, a_very_fat_raccoon said:

unvote vote Shad

May as well since I was going to be stabbing him at night again anyway.

wow really?

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