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2 minutes ago, Shad said:

Considering the last DPR game we played in the game was fully solvable through mechanics, you're pretty disinterested in assembling the pieces.

Then let's play your game.

give me a piece and stop beating around the bush.

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Just now, Krak said:

Dear god this again?


were you not paying attention to the second half of D2?  It's fine if you weren't (ehhhh) but I definitely was second on his attempted lunch train.

Okay, I'll walk you through my point. I asked AJ the same question and he immediately got what my intentions were.

Shad was steely knifed by 3 people last night.

1. Raccoon

2. AJ

3. 80

You already said you think Raccoon and AJ are Town, and you investigated 80 and came up Traveler.

If you're correct, then by game mechanics of the steely knife, Shad should be dead if he was Scum.

So, I ask again, why do you want to lynch Shad?

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3 minutes ago, Andrej The Giant said:

It probably is. But let's follow this line of thought... I brought it up because?

Uhhh... you want to kill scum? I really don't know. Remember, I'm still pretty new to Mafia, so if there's a hint at a role, or game mechanic, I might not understand the reference.

1 minute ago, Krak said:


I simply didn't think that's what you were referring to. I thought there may have been something else I missed or didn't grasp.

Game mechanics ----> talking about steely knives?

If you would've said game play, I would've agreed.

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2 minutes ago, Krak said:

Well you're king of mechanic spec.  


Think its its possivle scum have a counter or Shad could be the beast?

Could be, but read this post.


12 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

Okay, so we've got two people as a favorite lynch candidate (Shad and Pral) who were stabbed by (in the opinion of player who want them lynched) 3 Town reads. Now, I understand that there is a possibility of scum being protected or blocking a steely knife, but to do that twice? In one night? It's hard to know how many scum there are in a setup like this--made harder by the fact of the 3 MKs not being revealed, but can we believe there are 2 scum protected by our steely knives? Unless it's 2 of out 5 scum, it seems, IMO, to be unbalanced towards scum.

Say all 6 of those people who stabbed are Town and Scum did block two stabbings in one night. Can they do it in successive nights? My point is, it may only take one more stab per Shad and Pral to kill them. If that's the case, if you guys are really sure they are Scum, wouldn't you rather do that and lynch a possible 3rd Scum? After all, Town has been hit pretty hard so far. It's gonna take some acrobatics from us to pull out a win.


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I think one of Lizzie, Pac, and Hallia because at least one scum out to have visited me.

Considering Hallia never posted in the thread but still got around to submitting a target, I think she was very likely scum, but no way of confirming that.

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13 minutes ago, Andrej The Giant said:

Because I don't worry to much about mechanical details. For all we know scum can block it somehow

I see the angle you're working from but beyond the failed knifing attempt what reason do you have to clear him? You lynch the scummy people and we're not gonna twiddle our thumbs into another double NK 

The stabs on pral are incomplete. thats why im not voting there. im hoping the stabs get completed and the issue is settled

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Interesting. Maybe now we can start to break down the setup?

19 Players

(1) The Nightman (Shad): Zander, Leelou, Verbal, Lizzie, Pac, and Hallia (6)

The Captain:

The Lady: AJ, Spoot (2)

Unaccounted: 80, Crusher, JiF, Raccoon, JC, Nolder, Chrja, Pral, Krak, Dice (10)


Now, Are we thinking there are 3 groups

1. Power Roles (Nightman, Captain, Lady)

2. Travelers

3. Scum


1. Power Roles

2. Travelers (Town)

3. Travelers (Scum)


I'm thinking it's the 2nd option and that ALL the players, Townies and Scum visit the same Power Roles. So, if that's the case, should we assume that all 3 Power Roles are Town?

Also, Krak's investigation of 80 coming up "Traveler" no longer looks like that necessarily means he's Town. Could be a Scum Traveler, if we're all visiting the same 3 people.

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