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3 hours ago, Pralaya said:

This. Likely it is this

Which one is it?


3 hours ago, Krak said:



what's up with that chrja vote bro?

what's up with that dice vote bro?

3 hours ago, Pralaya said:

This forum cheated me. It was showing only 3 pages and I was ecstatic. 


(No 50 pages to read, amirite?)

Any reads or game related comments to share?

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2 hours ago, Krak said:

I figured he'd be happier 


2 hours ago, Andrej The Giant said:

You're not my shrink 

Not much is going on for now so I'm content to let everyone check in and what not

Im pretty sure I called you out last game for this exact same thing and i got pretty much the exact same response...and you were Scum.

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8 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

I'm the fat one. JiF is the sexy one. PAC is the disgusting one. Verbs is the she one. Spoot is the loveable one. Jetscode loves teh boobs one. 80 is the virgin one. Nolder is the sleeping one.  Lizzie is Teh One. Pirate is the drunken one. Not playing this game we also have..  Ape the pissing match one (even into his own mouth sometimes, no idea, it's an Ape thing), Smash is the miserable one, AVM is the kaos one, cashmoney is the tubby in wedding pictures one. CTM was the absolutely ruin ******* everything one. 


There you go dear. Easy user guide of the men of JN mafia.

I do probably give Best back rubs cause sorta kinda what I do. 


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