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3 hours ago, Dicetosser said:

@D P R  why wasn't lizzie modkilled when the others were?

I went by the number of posts and days a player hadn't shown up for for. Lizzie was more active.

That, and no mod ever wants to MK 20% of the game, you bloodthirsty fool 

2 hours ago, OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! said:

@D P R

What was the point of the reads lists?!?!!?

It was a way to eliminate lurking and quiet play styles, force each player to go on record and hopefully start some conversations. The kind that distract and end up in a fight... I was hoping that it would work early in the game. It needs to be tweaked.

1 hour ago, Chrja said:

If people don't want me to play here again i wont. 


but you gotta admit I made an impact! 

Absolutely ridiculous. I played my first game here with swagger as well and they love me!

It took, like, 5 years and they still won't admit it, but they do.

Thanks for playing and welcome!

1 hour ago, Kaylee said:

Well have a drink for me. I'd say on me, but... oh hell why not? Body shots! 

I got paid $25 a shot to do that in the 90's. True story. 

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2 hours ago, a_very_fat_raccoon said:

Where's 80? How did he react to his entire team trying to lynch him? 


2 hours ago, Kaylee said:

He was said he's not much for bussing but if it's what his team wants he'll do it. He didn't realize they had to get rid of him. 


80 is JN's version of Zander bussing!!!!!!


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10 minutes ago, Kaylee said:

Sweet. Party time! Who has the whipped cream?

Tequila. I'm not just some piece of meat you can cover in whipped cream. That'd cost you $30. And, let's be honest, theses days you're gonna need some extra whipped cream.


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