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Yearly Check In, LOL

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1 hour ago, The Crusher said:

Good timing boss. Just got good influx of new and fun players/ posters. Cool you saying hi before before PAC scares them off. 

I DONT SCARE!!!!!!!!!

Hello Maxman, Ive been playing here for a few months and have been loving the Mafia crowd here!!!!  A bunch of fun and really good player base here!!!!  My home site for Mafia is Dragonmount.

One thing I would make as a suggestion and I have 0 tech knowledge so i dont know if this is possible here or would be really hard to do but an legit ISOing system would be awesome!!!!


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Just now, Spoot-Face said:


I've been kidnapped from the Jets side of the forum and forced to play Mafia! Crusher is force feeding me Twinkies filled with Quaaludes!

Wait... what's that?



Just let it take you Spoot. Don't fight it. 

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On 1/21/2017 at 3:45 PM, Maxman said:

Hello Mafia Peeps!

Just checking in to see how everything is going and say thank you for keeping this forum so active. We really do appreciate it. I know that I am never in here during the season and that I have asked for wish lists in the past, without being able to deliver on everything.

But I wanted to try again. Can you let me know if there is anything that would make the experience here better for you? The software is a few years older now so it is a good time to revisit any requests.

And if you are 100% happy with everything the way it is, then just thank you. :)  We seriously do appreciate having everyone here!


Phil (oooppps I mean Maxman)

Now that editing is back and most of the posting glitches seem to be fixed everything is pretty great thanks Max!


One thing, if possible, I would like is the ability to change the amount of posts displayed per page. 

This is usually a personal setting but I don't see it so I think this version of this forum does not have it.

Usually I just keep this at default but lately I've been wanting like 50-100 posts per page rather than 20 which is what I think the default is.

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10 hours ago, Andrej The Giant said:

A basic rundown on how to configure the rep system would be cool.

asking for a friend

not happening


if you don't mean DM, then disregard :-)

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1 hour ago, D P R said:

Hi Max!

First and foremost, THANK YOU for letting us play on your board!  And for Crusher!

I'll have to give the rest some thought, but mostly just Thank You!


All of this. And I don't have any issues. I just wanted to say hi, too. 

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This is an out-of-nowhere question, but is there any way to implement a note-pad type function? It would be very helpful in the games if there was a place to jot down pg. numbers / observations / ideas.

I have no idea if that is possible, but sometimes these forums have weird little ticks that can be used for reasons like that. Never hurts to ask!


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2 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Thank you for letting us have this awesome community here, Max!  Crusher does an amazing job running things here. 

Sometimes we forget that Pac actually sucks at this game, but luckily we have Klecko around to remind us. 

You rang? 

Pac is the Cleveland Browns of Mafia. That's how much he sucks at this game. 

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