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Unless we find our future QB


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12 hours ago, Jetster said:

Ok, what's your excuse for the defense being ranked bottom 3 then? Don't blame all of that on the offense, look at the Colt game! We were down 14 nothing on like 6 offensive plays by Luck.

The secondary was horrible all year. Our safeties were never great covers since I can remember we always had revis taking out the #1 and the number 2s couldn't always beat us. But without revis our D always stinks and when your offense stinks, your checks are cashed, the linebackers aren't game changers , the secondary is getting torched and your eliminated from playoff competition most NFL D linemen would play vanilla so they wouldn't get hurt b4 next season. 


But we had great D and bad O. No rings. 

Never seen great O though. Even that year with favre and fitz neither threw 4 thousand and qbs do that in losing seasons and get cut after. So can't say I've ever seen a good jets passing attack honestly. Since only once a jet threw 4000 and that was Joe Namath 

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