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Revis involved in Altercation; Criminal Charges Filed - MERGED

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This is all on society. My son has a friend who is related to an NFL player and he says almost every time they go out regardless of where it is mainly bars and nightclubs someone is always criticizing him or trying to pick a fight with him. 

Revis has never been a problem player and is not an NFL thug so I'm assuming this to be a case of what I explained above. 

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ITTSBURGH (KDKA) — New York Jets cornerback and former Pitt star Darrelle Revis has been injured after getting into an altercation on the South Side.

His lawyer told KDKA it happened when he came home to visit familyand friends this weekend.

While he was in town, he was allegedly assaulted by a group of five people.

Revis’ lawyer said he feared for his safety and eventually went to get medical treatment.

There’s no word on how badly he was injured in the incident.

NY Jets star Darrelle Revis was involved in a violent altercation in Pittsburgh over the weekend -- but there seems to be a big dispute over what really went down. 

An attorney for the NFL star told KDKA in Pittsburgh that he was assaulted by 5 men in the South Side area. The lawyer said Revis was injured and sought medical attention. 

But here's where things get weird ... WTAE in Pittsburgh says Revis is the one under investigation for the incident -- with sources claiming he and his group were the aggressors and men in the other group suffered serious injuries. 

We've got calls out to everyone. Story developing ... 

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