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Richardson trade question for forum


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Just now, Lego My Lageman said:

If he got caught going 100 Id still be annoyed but its way more understanding. I doubt your dad would have gone dark and turned off the lights to avoid the police.

Pretty sure he did once.  He also lost his license and had to take that course.  He still talks about the mangled bodies in the movie that they made him watch. 

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9 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

No, it wouldn't because all 3 are essentially DTs. They're all super-talented, but that is the problem with this poorly thought-out roster: they are ill-suited to all play together at the same time, except on obvious rushing downs (where one might actually want 4 fat-bodies lined across). To run an effective 4-3 that can really pressure and get to the passer with any consistency they need smaller, quicker DEs that could run around a tackle 1-on-1, than our 300-lb bodied run-stuffers that would get to the passer faster by running through the tackle or swim-moving him.

Doesn't need to be a featherweight 250-lb'er but there's a lot of in between that and the 300-320 lb "ends" on our line. Hell, they'll need at least one like that, and on the other side is a bigger but not enormous lineman (think J.Abe on the right side and Ellis on the left), and our huge guys would then play inside. It's too easy for a QB to roll outside against us as we watched Mo sucking air, trying to chase down a QB he outweighs by 100 lbs. They did try this and we watched this happen plenty. 

Our line is simply too slow with those 3, plus a 4th playing nose.

Oh ok! Some good info there thank you for the non sarcastic remark lol I was expecting to get destroyed on here. Sucks having 3 elite level players that can't play together :(

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8 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

Okay with the gun and the weed, but my Dad drove 100 with me in the car dozens of times.  He is a great Dad.  Hell, I still have the car 40 years later. 

yea...but it turned you into a Jet fan.  That's child abuse of the highest order.

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