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The Jets need to reduce season ticket prices

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The Jets are in a world of trouble in regards to this upcoming season ticket prices. They are stuck.


Last year, we were awful, and many of the games were going for bottom dollar. We had 2 meaningful home games last year, 8 games that meant jack. Tickets to some games were going for 6 dollars on stubhub. There is absolutely zero chance they can raise prices this year. That being said, I think a ton of people will wind up dropping their tickets and going the secondary market route. The Jets also can't lower their ticket prices because that sets a weird precedent. I had Section 229 seats since the inception of MetLife, and finally decided to drop them. I was able to score tickets for 25 bucks almost every single game if I wanted. If the jets are good, I don't mind paying above face, but thats not happening for a long time at this rate.


I wonder what they will do. Have to entice fans somehow. 

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