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Jets add Wide Receiver Quinton Patton

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Your depth of understanding of this player knows no bounds.

.......Overheard outside Woody Johnson's office...... " yes, Mr. Johnson, I see you are very excited. But......let me......yes,  I know you told us to sign men with good leadership abilities.....

But the stats tell no lies, so the team he played on has nothing to do with how good he was.  Right?  The stats say he was bad, so he was bad.

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On 3/20/2017 at 1:04 PM, JetNation said:


By Glenn Naughton


According to Chris Biderman, former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton has posted an instagram video to announce his signing with the New York Jets.

A former Louisiana Tech standout, Patton played just two seasons in Baton Rouge but posted impressive numbers, totalling 2,594 yards and 24 touchdowns in his time down south.

Chosen with the 31st pick in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL draft, Patton has been a disappointment with the 49ers, an organization that has been in shambles during that time.

In 40 pro contests (18 starts), Patton has 73 receptions for 880 yards and just 1 touchdown, but according to some next-gen stats, Patton’s lack of production hasn’t been a result of his inability to get open.  Take a look here to see just how often he’s getting away from opposing defenders.


Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs


Click here to read the full story...


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4. Q minding his Ps: When the Jets signed former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton, a lot of casual fans probably said, "Who?" No, Patton isn't household name, but he's well-known among the analytics crowd.

Based on NFL Next Gen tracking data, Patton ranked fourth among No. 3 receivers in separation ability. They claim they can objectively measure the separation between a receiver and the defender covering him. (Note: A No. 3 receiver is defined as a player with less than 100 targets and saw at least 50 percent of his targets when lined up out wide.)

Patton (3.26 yards at target) finished behind three terrific players: Tyreek Hill (3.52), Tyler Lockett (3.38) and Chris Hogan (3.28).

Sounds like a John Brenkus production, doesn't it?


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OMG! why would Macc sign a low cost, versatile WR that plays special teams, who came from a franchise that was even more disfunctional than the NY Jets? Nice work to the poster that found that info about him being 4th in the league at separating as a #3 WR. For fans that don't know what that means, let me explain. Patton played on a team so bereft of talent they are actually picking AHEAD of the NY Jets in the upcoming 2017 draft even though we ended the last quarter of the season with 1 remaining starting offensive lineman. 

So, with Blane Gabbert & Colin Kapernick, the worst Oline in football, the aforementioned Quinton Patton shook free at a very high pace while his QB was already face down in the turf. Because everyone who watches NFL football knows, Kapernick excels at going through his options & finding the open man, hence Jeremy Kerley with 1,301 targets in 2016. 


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