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-- If the New York Jets adopt an "us-against-the-world" mentality this season, the breakdown would look something like this:

Pro-Jets: 53.

World: 7.5 billion.

No one believes the Jets will contend for anything other than the No. 1 pick in 2018, as outside expectations have plummeted to an all-time low. The players don't live in caves; they're aware of the gloom-and-doom forecasts."Everybody is saying 'tanking' and all that stuff," Matt Forte said this week. "A lot of people are jumping ship before the season even starts, but I welcome that. All y'all can jump ship if you want to. It shows us you were never on board in the first place. ... We don't care what anybody else says. It's about us."

It all starts Friday, when players report to training camp.

Key questions :

1. Does Christian Hackenberg have a chance to be the opening-day starter ? I wouldn't bet your personal seat license on it, but it's not out of the question. He narrowed the gap with a somewhat encouraging offseason, but he still has to win the trust of the coaching staff and his teammates. The only way he can do that is to perform at a high level in actual games -- i.e. the first two preseason contests. It makes total sense to start Hackenberg in the preseason opener; there's no reason not to. It'll help the overall rebuilding effort if he outplays Josh McCown and earns the job -- no freebies -- but coach Todd Bowles tends to err on the side of the veteran when it comes to positional battles.

2. Does Bryce Petty have a shot ? Not really. The Jets may not present it this way, but it's difficult to have a legitimate, three-way competition at quarterback. There's simply not enough practice reps to go around. Petty missed his chance last season, and now he'll have to be content to ride the bench.

rest of above article : 

>    http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/69834/what-christian-hackenberg-must-do-to-win-jets-starting-job

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 -- When it comes to the quarterback competition, coach Todd Bowles won't say when, he won't say how and he certainly won't say who.The only thing he'll acknowledge is he will name a starter.No, that statement won't knock the New York Yankees off the back pages.The popular choice -- at least among the fan base -- is Christian Hackenberg. You can sense the groundswell: What the heck, why not Hack? The reasoning behind it: The New York Jets are rebuilding, and the quarterback position should be included ASAP.

That, folks, is flawed logic.

No player, especially a quarterback, should be gifted a starting position, regardless of the team's outlook. When Bowles makes his decision between Hackenberg, Josh McCown and Bryce Petty, he should pick the best player for Week 1, not the guy who might be the best in Week 8.If Hackenberg outplays McCown and Petty in the preseason and demonstrates a veteran-like aptitude for the position, then by all means make him the opening-day starter. We all know the Jets aren't going anywhere with McCown, so the quicker the transition occurs, the better. But there's no point in rushing Hackenberg. It's a long season and there will be plenty of time to evaluate him before next year's quarterback-laden draft.

Simply put, he has to earn it. Here's why :

1. It would make a mockery of Bowles' meritocracy if he hands the job to a player who isn't ready. He's trying to rebuild the culture, and it would send a bad message to the locker room if he anoints an undeserving player. Outside expectations notwithstanding, the players want to win ... now. It also would create the perception that management is pulling the strings, usurping Bowles' power.

2. They must protect Hackenberg's confidence. He arrived last year as a broken quarterback, his psyche frayed after a difficult finish to his career at Penn State. Wisely, the Jets sat him for the year, affording him the chance to re-boot in a stress-free situation. They can't risk a backslide by playing him before he's ready from a mental standpoint. Let's not forget, the first two games are on the road (Buffalo and Oakland) in hostile environments that will be tough on any quarterback, let alone a neophyte playing with an inexperienced receiving corps.

3. They can't jeopardize the development of the offense for the sake of one position, albeit the most important position.They have a new scheme and coordinator, John Morton, whose job is to integrate his system and develop talent, especially at skill positions. If the quarterback is shaky -- i.e. if he can't recognize a blitz and throw to a hot read -- it will stunt the growth of the entire offense. How can they evaluate Robby Anderson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins if the quarterback can't get them the ball? Unless Hackenberg displays uncommon poise in the preseason, the feeling here is McCown is the better choice to build that foundation on offense.

4. Why rush it? The Jets don't need a 16-game sample to form an evaluation of Hackenberg; it can be done with at least eight starts. Some have suggested it would be a blow for the organization if he's not good enough to beat out a 38-year-old journeyman -- and there is some truth to that -- but it would be a bigger downer if he starts the season and gets benched after a few games. Then what?

In the end, Bowles should base his decision on this criterion: The best guy plays.

You can't go wrong with that philosophy.

>       http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/69948/it-makes-no-sense-to-rush-christian-hackenberg-if-hes-not-ready

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-- The New York Jets' quarterback competition is on.

After three days, Christian Hackenberg has proven he's not the same tentative, scatter-armed rookie who stunk up the field in training camp last summer. It's too early to say he has closed the gap on Josh McCown -- Monday was the first practice in pads -- but he has narrowed it.

A look at the competition, which also includes Bryce Petty.


Wow moment: There weren't any real "wow" moments, as McCown relied heavily on check-down passes. He didn't take many shots downfield. Later, coach Todd Bowles explained, saying McCown stayed underneath because the defense played a lot of zone.

Whoa moment: In a 7-on-7 period, McCown double pumped, but the ball came out of his hand and went directly to the ground. It cost him an easy completion and he was clearly mad at himself.


Once again, he was the second-man up in the rotation, which hasn't varied. Hackenberg got just as many reps as McCown (22), but none came with the starters. He held the ball too long on a few plays, but he also demonstrated the best arm strength of the three. This was a solid day for Hackenberg (9-for-15, two drops), who has yet to throw an interception in three practices.

Wow moment: He hit Lucky Whitehead on an intermediate crossing route for big yards. It was a touch/timing throw, the kind of pass he'll need to master if he wants to succeed in their West Coast offense.

Whoa moment: Hackenberg was pulled out of a 7-on-7 period, apparently because he messed up a play or a formation at the line of scrimmage. A couple of minutes later, he zipped a long completion to Deshon Foxx on a skinny post. Such is life with a young quarterback -- some good, some bad.


Petty's rep count dropped off considerably (only nine). One-day aberration or the start of a trend? Bowles has refused to give any details about his overall plan, but there appears to be separation between McCown/Hackenberg and Petty.

Wow moment: Sorry, nothing on Monday.

Whoa moment: He ended practice with three straight incompletions.

>       http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/69985/christian-hackenberg-shows-progress-three-practices-no-picks

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Things are going to be a lot different on the offensive side of the ball for the New York Jets in 2017.

Not only are veterans like Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Ryan Fitzpatrick, but so is offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.In Gailey’s tenure with the Jets, the team employed a spread offense, which featured a lot of empty sets, even in short yardage situations. Gailey’s offense was a disaster in 2016 and it will be on new offensive coordinator John Morton to right the ship with the West Coast offense.The West Coast offense is essentially the complete opposite of Gailey’s spread system. With Morton and the West Coast offense, there will be a lot of shorter routes being run by the wide receivers and Morton’s scheme even features the return of a fullback to the Jets offense.

A new offense is certainly a refreshing sight for Jets fans after witnessing Gailey’s offense implode throughout 2016, but it’s not easy on the quarterbacks.It is easier for veteran Josh McCown, who has worked in a West Coast offense, but not so much for Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.In the case of Hackenberg, he spent all of his rookie year learning a system just to have to learn a new one in his second year. For Petty, he has been a spread quarterback since his days at Baylor, so the West Coast offense is basically a foreign concept to him.

McCown and Hackenberg both noted after practice on Tuesday that learning the verbage has been the most important aspect of getting a grasp of the system and how to run it the way Morton wants it to be run.“People joke about it being kind of like a new language and there’s degrees of that,” McCown said. “You’re learning words that have meanings to different things that maybe were different than what they meant last year for you. It takes a lot of work.”Part of that work is learning how to smoothly rattle off 10-12 word playcalls in the huddle with confidence. According to Hackenberg, taking reps is the way to go when it comes to getting that part of the West Coast offense down.

“It’s one of those things that you have to keep doing,” Hackenberg said. “You have to keep taking reps at it, keep hearing it and keep saying it.”

All of the Jets quarterbacks should have the kinks worked out by time camp comes to an end, but until then, there is still work to be done in order to perfect Morton’s offense by Week 1.

>     http://jetswire.usatoday.com/2017/08/03/jets-quarterbacks-continue-to-learn-west-coast-offense-as-training-camp-progresses/

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-- When Christian Hackenberg receives a playcall from the sideline, it could sound something like this :

"Blast to Joker right 'X' motion 372 'R' Slant spacing."

It's a base pass play in Jon Gruden's version of the West Coast offense, known for its complicated verbiage. He taught the system years ago to New York Jetsoffensive coordinator John Morton, who introduced it to the team in April.

Hello, crash course.

Veteran quarterbacks say it takes years to master the West Coast offense. Some have complained, claiming it takes too long to receive the play and relay it to the huddle. The Jets are hoping Hackenberg -- in his fourth offensive system in the past five years -- can learn it well enough to play this season.Mentally, it's an enormous challenge, particularly since Morton hasn't streamlined it. He's installing the system in its original form, which means a giant playbook and a lot of memorization.

"You have to keep getting reps at it, hearing it, saying and spitting it back out," Hackenberg said.

The well-traveled Josh McCown, 38, who has played in just about every system known to man, said the West Coast offense is "like learning a new language." He said the average playcall is 10 to 12 words, which means they're longer than some of Todd Bowles' news conference answers. Every word and every number has a specific meaning, covering the formation, motions/shifts and pass-protection schemes. Mess up one syllable, and you ruin the entire play.

The Jets' quarterbacks -- McCown, Hackenberg and Bryce Petty -- drill each other on the verbiage. Not only do they want to memorize the playcalls, but their goal is to repeat them with conviction.

"[You] want to rattle that out smoothly, where the guys in the huddle believe in what we’re talking about," McCown said.

League insiders think McCown has the edge in the Jets' quarterback competition, in large part, because of his background in this offense. He has played in variations of the West Coast offense, which is a new world for Hackenberg and Petty.Former NFL quarterback Jim Miller has a unique perspective because he played under Gruden (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and former Jets coordinator Chan Gailey (Pittsburgh Steelers). Miller said there's little similarity between the two systems, one of the reasons why he favors McCown in the competition."I think it will be McCown, I really believe that," said Miller, who co-hosts a SiriusXM NFL radio show with Pat Kirwan. "He gives them their best chance to win. He knows that offense, inside and out. Let the young guys learn from him."

Miller, who visited the Jets this week on his training-camp tour, was kind enough to give a detailed breakdown of the playcall: Blast to Joker right "X" motion 372 "R" Slant spacing. If you like Xs and Os, you'll enjoy this.

Blast: The type of shift.

Joker right: The final formation after the shift. In this case, a running back shifts out of the backfield and splits out wide right.

X motion: The X receiver motions across the formation from weak to strong.

372: This is the protection. Gruden called it Jet 2 (right) or Jet 3 (left). Miller used a numerical code. It's 372 because the play requires a three-step drop by the quarterback and "72" is the protection, with the line sliding toward the weakside linebacker. The line is responsible for the four-man line, plus the Will linebacker -- a 5-on-5 situation.

R Slant: After shifting, the running back runs a slant route.

How the play unfolds : The remaining running back reads the middle linebacker and strongside linebacker. If they both rush, the quarterback is a blocker short and must throw quickly to his best matchup. The tight end runs a five-yard hook. The X receiver, after motioning across the formation, runs a flat route. The Z receiver hooks at five yards.Mind you, this is only one play. There are hundreds in Morton's playbook, and each one has variations because of different formations. This is a small sample of what's spinning in Hackenberg's brain when he steps into the huddle, and he must convince 10 other players he knows what he's doing."You want to convey that, 'Hey, I'm in control of this ship and I understand what's going on,'" Miller said. "That's command, that's huddle presence, that's conviction. Make those players believe in you."

>      http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70060/will-jets-complex-offense-slow-christian-hackenbergs-progress

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-- If the New York Jets are serious about giving Christian Hackenberg a legit shot at the quarterback job, they should shake up the practice rotation this week and let him start the first preseason game.

So far, they don't appear serious about it.

Through seven training camp practices, Hackenberg has worked almost exclusively with the second-team offense, ahead of Bryce Petty and behind Josh McCown, who has been handled like the presumptive starter.

There has been no rotation, not even split of the reps. This quarterback competition is as open as a bank on Sunday.

The time to give Hackenberg some work with the starters was the first week of camp, when they were experimenting with personnel and moving people around. This week, they will cut back on that and start focusing on a set lineup, according to coach Todd Bowles.It sounds like things will remain status quo at quarterback.From all indications, the Jets are grooming Hackenberg to start the season as the No. 2 quarterback. Perhaps they want to build him up gradually and let his confidence grow before throwing him into the fire. If that's the game plan, that's not how they sold it to the public. They presented it as an open competition.

OK, let's not quibble over semantics.

If Bowles starts McCown on Saturday night against the Tennessee Titans -- it's trending in that direction -- he should pull him after a series and hand the game to Hackenberg. They know what McCown can and can't do; they need to get a long look at Hackenberg. Let him play until the fourth quarter. Heaven knows, he needs the game experience. His NFL resume consists of 76 preseason snaps last summer, all of them against backups and backups to the backups.

Hackenberg is coming off an encouraging outing in the Green & White scrimmage this past Saturday night at MetLife Stadium, where he made his best throw of camp. Sensing pressure, he stepped up in the pocket and fired a 25-yard touchdown to rookie tight end Jordan Leggett, fitting the ball through a tight window."It was awesome. It was a heck of a throw," McCown said. "I think those are some of the things that get you excited about Hack. ... To step up and avoid the rush like he did and then to deal one in there, showing his arm talent and his accuracy, that’s why he was drafted where he was and what gets you excited about him."Hackenberg completed 3 of 5 passes for 45 yards in the scrimmage. McCown (8-for-13, 114 yards) threw a long touchdown to Chris Harper, but he also was intercepted by rookie safety Marcus Maye, who returned it for a touchdown. Petty (4-for-12, 45 yards) led the third-team offense to a field goal to end the night.

Other things to watch for this week :

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The Jets self-described three-way open quarterback competition has been nothing of the sort through a peculiar training camp that has prompted fair questions about a mysterious plan at the most pivotal position.

Todd Bowles has tried to sell the idea that Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty will each have a fair opportunity to win the starting job, but only dye in the wool Kool-Aid guzzlers would buy that at the moment.McCown has worked almost exclusively with the starters through the first eight practices, while Hackenberg has taken second-team reps.The Jets tweaked their rotation on Monday by giving Hackenberg six consecutive snaps with the first team in 11-on-11 drills on Monday, his most extensive work with the starters. The second-year signal-caller completed one pass on a quick hitter and was “sacked” in three drop backs. In other words, the results were inconclusive.Petty has picked up the scraps in practice with guys who will working 9-to-5s next month, exposing the truth about his chances: He’s Milton, toiling in the basement with his stapler. He won’t be the Week 1 starter. (Now let’s just hope he doesn’t burn the whole damn place to ground after being marginalized).

It was supposed to be The Summer of Hack, a critical time to fully evaluate Mike Maccagnan’s second-round pick from a year ago, before the organization determines whether they’ll go all-in for Sam Darnold, Josh Allen or Josh Rosen in the 2018 draft.Bowles insists that “we don’t have a starter,” yet McCown has received the starter treatment to this point. Maccagnan maintains that “they’re all going to have their opportunities,” but every objective observer can see that Hackenberg has not yet received a fair chance to prove what he can do with the first team before the first preseason game against the Titans this weekend.Although Hackenberg still has time this summer to impress the organization, the team’s plan early in camp has been puzzling. It’s unfair to call it a full-fledged charade, because there still is time for Hackenberg to get chances later in camp, but the brain trust’s path remains unclear.Bowles said that there is no timetable for declaring a starter – he wouldn’t go so far as even declaring a starter for the preseason opener -- but logic suggests that a decision should be made in the run-up to the third preseason game against the Giants on Aug. 26.Bowles said last week that he would re-allocate the reps “when (Hackenberg and/or Petty) start to impress me.”

So, what exactly does Hackenberg need to do to impress him?

“He has to play,” Bowles said Monday. “No different than Josh. No different than Bryce. They got to play. After a week of training camp, I’m not going to be too impressed. You get smarter. You do the right things and take the right reads, but until we play preseason games and the process goes on, we’re going to be in evaluation mode.”Bowles said it’s “possible” that Hackenberg could be more integrated with the starters throughout this week.“We’ll rotate and evaluate (the quarterbacks) as we see fit,” the head coach said.No matter which signal caller wins the job, he’ll have to work with an already suspect wide receiving corps that took a hit with the news that the team’s leading returning pass catcher, Quincy Enunwa, is out for the season with a bulging disc in his neck that flared up in practice over the weekend.

It sure isn’t good news for Hackenberg, who has had predictable ebbs and flows in camp.

The good : He has been interception-free in 11-on-11 team drills.

The bad : He’s taken too many sacks.

The ugly : Even at 6-4, 228 pounds, he’ll be banged up beyond recognition if he isn’t more decisive in the pocket.

Hackenberg is still learning, but there are encouraging flashes. He exhibited poise, functional mobility and accuracy on a 25-yard touchdown pass to rookie tight end Jordan Leggett in the team’s scrimmage at MetLife Stadium on Saturday.Hackenberg’s education will extend beyond camp and the preseason, of course, but it was a promising moment. Remember: He’s been taking reps with a collection of inexperienced journeyman or undrafted pass catchers, who haven’t exactly been consistently winning their one-on-one matchups with cornerbacks.How can the brain trust fully and fairly evaluate Hackenberg when he’s not playing enough with or against the best talent on the roster?It’s no surprise that a 38-year-old quarterback with 13 more years of experience would exhibit better command of the offense, but the organization’s top priority in this rebuilding season must be extracting the best out of Hackenberg.The sentiment on One Jets Drive is that new quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates already has done wonders with Hackenberg in their few short months together, but there’s no real rush to get the second-year signal caller under center for the season opener.

Bottom line : The Jets owe it to themselves to give Hackenberg at least an 8-10 game sample size this season.There are pros and cons to starting Hackenberg at Buffalo in Week 1, but the powers that be should not force the issue if he’s not ready.

Of course, how will they actually know that if he’s not given more practice time with the starters? 

>      http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/hackenberg-not-fair-chance-win-jets-qb-competition-article-1.3390703

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The legend of Christian Hackenberg has spun out of control in this information-hungry world that craves every nugget, no matter how irrelevant or incorrect it might be.

Remember, Hackenberg was a crazy, wild man a few months ago, supposedly plunking innocent scribes off in the distance with out-of-control passes. It's a wonder that such overblown nonsense didn't mushroom into a larger fable: Hey, I heard Hack side-swiped some poor old lady crossing the street in Morristown with an errant throw.The latest tall tale from a blurb on the electronic superhighway erroneously claimed Hackenberg was sent off the field after a gaffe at a recent practice. Fantasy, of course, is much more appealing than reality.

The truth ?

New offensive coordinator John Morton wanted the second-year signal caller to sharpen his command in the huddle during a passing drill. It was a teaching moment for the fiery new offensive coordinator. Hackenberg took about five steps back and watched Bryce Petty step in. Moments later, Hackenberg got another chance and fired a bullet for a completion. He never came close to leaving the field.Such is life these days for the most scrutinized football player in New York/New Jersey. So much is overblown.I was critical of the curious plan for Hackenberg in the first week of training camp. The Jets, however, believe they've chosen the proper path by easing him along.

So, why hasn't Hackenberg received more first-team practice reps with the starters? (He worked with the backups in the first 8 of 11 practices.)

The top priority is to gradually build Hackenberg's confidence, according to team insiders.The thinking is simple: If Hackenberg can bank some good plays against the second-team defense, it will propel him to the next step in his education. Morton and quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates want Hackenberg to stack those moments to help prepare him for an upgrade in competition. So, the two coaches set forth a relatively conservative plan to bring him along.The last thing the organization wanted or needed is for Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and Mo Wilkerson to crush the young quarterback's soul by making life miserable for him at the outset of training camp.There's a fine line between learning from your mistakes in practice and shattering your confidence because of those errors.

Before armchair psychologists chime in with the predictable "fragile psyche" narratives, consider that Hackenberg was sacked 103 times in 38 college games, including 82 times in his final two seasons behind a patchwork offensive line that included converted defensive linemen.Hackenberg is the ultimate work in progress. Mistakes are inevitable. And practice is a time to learn from those mistakes.Blowing those mistakes out of proportion is tempting for observers, but the organization doesn't have its collective head in the sand, either.The brain trust is fully aware that it has to make a full and fair evaluation of Hackenberg by season's end, but the Jets will absolutely not rush his development to force him under center by Week 1 at Buffalo if he's not ready. They shouldn't rush his development, because the results — for everyone — could be disastrous.

As of now, the Jets don't believe that Hackenberg is ready to start the season opener.

The prevailing sentiment on One Jets Drive is that he is still holding on to the ball too long. He needs to read defenses faster so that he can make quicker decisions, according to people in the know.He's taken entirely too many "sacks" in 11-on-11 practice sessions to this point. (He's also holding it too long in 7-on-7 passing drills from time to time.)Life is great wearing a red no-contact jersey in practice — it's easier to hold on to the ball a tick or two longer when there's no threat of bodily harm — but the Jets brain trust has legitimate concerns that Hackenberg will be a sitting duck who will inevitably get hurt in games if he doesn't speed up his decision-making in the pocket.There's also a belief that Hackenberg has taken Morton's directive of taking care of the football to the extreme. It's a fair concern within the organization. Remember, Greg McElroy was concussed after getting sacked 11 times in his lone career start once upon a time. McElroy was so worried about not throwing an interception that he simply held on to the ball too long in a loss to the Chargers in 2012.

Playing turnover-free football obviously has its privileges, but there's a faction on One Jets Drive that thought Hackenberg was overly concerned with his streak of nine consecutive practices without an interception.There's no need to overreact though. There aren't warring factions in the building. It's simply a part of the maturation process of a young quarterback. Clarity comes by calming down.

So, Bates is helping Hackenberg adopt the clear mindset to throw the ball away rather than take a sack.

Hackenberg has had his challenges setting and/or adjusting protections at the line of scrimmage from time to time too, according to insiders. He struggled with it when he took a handful of snaps with the starters recently. The lack of an experienced center has really hurt Hackenberg in that area.Nick Mangold was invaluable during Mark Sanchez's rookie season as an extra set of eyes to identify pre-snap land mines. Hackenberg could sure use that, too.An inexperienced wide receiving corps further complicates the quarterback's evaluation.The Jets plan includes significant playing time for Hackenberg in the preseason, including the opener against the Titans this weekend. The hope is that he'll build some confidence and graduate to the next level.

No matter what happens, there will be no shortage of praise or panic.

>      http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-feel-christian-hackenberg-article-1.3400087

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-- Christian Hackenberg last appeared in a football game on Sept. 1, 2016, in Philadelphia -- the New York Jets' preseason finale. He was a jittery, overwhelmed rookie who finished with one of the worst statistical lines imaginable. After the game, he disappeared into the Hackenberg Protection Program.

On Saturday night, the Jets will unveil Hackenberg 2.0, and this is what you will see against the Tennessee Titans at MetLife Stadium :

A more confident quarterback than a year ago.

A quarterback with improved mechanics and better body language.

A passer who, when the moment is right, can unleash a major-league fastball on target.

Even the untrained eye can see Hackenberg is a changed quarterback -- he can find the ocean now! -- but is he good enough to start Sept. 10 against the Buffalo Bills? Probably not. Coach Todd Bowles acknowledged as much, saying the goal is to develop him at a slow and steady pace.

"I'm not expecting him him to go out there and be Roger Staubach," Bowles said of his expectations for the preseason opener. "I mean, if he is, so be it, but we're trying to get him better."He's 22 years old. The kid's got to get a chance to play and make some mistakes and grow from it and come back from adversity and make good plays. We just want to see his overall play and, as the preseason goes, you want to see him progress and then see where he is."Josh McCown remains the presumptive starter for Week 1. All three quarterbacks will see action against the Titans, with Hackenberg and Bryce Petty likely receiving most of the playing time. Bowles said they're "all pretty even right now" in the Not-So-Great Quarterback Competition, hardly a ringing endorsement for anyone.Based on the first 11 practices, Hackenberg isn't ready to start. Unofficially, he has completed only 51 percent of his passes, including a team-high four interceptions. All four came this week, when his reps were increased and he received significant time with the starting offense.

Hackenberg's biggest problem is his penchant for holding the ball -- a no-no in any offense, especially the West Coast system. It's based on rhythm and timing, and he's not making his reads quick enough. It would help if he had some receivers who could get open, but that's a story for another day.Practice hiccups notwithstanding, the first real test happens against the Titans. Bowles hasn't announced his quarterback rotation, but it would be wise to get Hackenberg into the game ASAP. Why not? The Jets know what McCown can and can't do. They also have a pretty good feel for Petty. But Hackenberg? He's the mystery man.

"He's going to play all preseason," Bowles said. "He's going to get a lot of reps, so whether he plays good or bad does not determine his reps for next week or after that."

It has been 344 days since Hackenberg played in a game, one he'd like to forget. Facing the Eagles' third stringers, he completed only 11 of 31 passes for 54 yards and an interception. He averaged less than two yards per attempt, a rarity in football.But that was the old Hackenberg. The new version is excited about his opportunity, as he continues to learn on the job with the Jets' young receivers."That is what has been one of the cooler parts about camp," he said.

The Jets have so many questions and issues as they embark on a long, rebuilding trail, but it all comes back to the quarterbacks, even if Bowles doesn't agree with that."I'm not basing this game solely on Christian's star debut as a movie-theater actor," he said.

He's no Captain America -- a.k.a. Staubach.

>     http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70223/jets-coach-preaches-patience-with-christian-hackenberg-2-0

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-- Yes, Christian Hackenberg can throw the ball in the ocean. Turns out he can even hit a few big puddles.

The second-year mystery man answered some questions in the New York Jets' preseason opener Saturday night at MetLife Stadium, delivering a respectable performance in his first game action in a year. Hackenberg completed 18 of 25 passes for 127 yards in the 7-3 win over the Tennessee Titans, his only turnover a botched snap.

Hackenberg's production wasn't great -- no points in eight possessions -- but you have to grade on a curve when it comes to the former second-round pick. He's better than last summer. He was decisive in the pocket, his accuracy was relatively sharp and, no, he didn't pick off any spectators on the sideline with errant throws. In short, he wasn't overwhelmed.

New offensive coordinator John Morton didn't ask Hackenberg to do too much, a smart way to break him in. Can Hackenberg overtake Josh McCown for the starting job? No, that's not going to happen in the preseason, but this game wasn't about that. This was about seeing progress from Hackenberg, and he showed that.

QB depth chart : McCown, the presumptive Week 1 quarterback, started the game and orchestrated a touchdown drive on his only possession. He was close to flawless, completing 3 of 4 passes (one drop) for 72 yards. McCown showed deep-ball accuracy, hitting Robby Anderson on a 53-yard bomb -- something we haven't seen in training camp. He finished off the drive with a 4-yard touchdown pass to Charone Peake. This was just a tune-up for McCown; look for him to play more next week. Bryce Petty (2-for-6, 17 yards) cleaned up, and it wasn't pretty.

rest of above article : 

>      http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70269/christian-hackenberg-not-ready-for-no-1-job-but-shows-progress

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- The New York Jets began Week 3 of their quarterback competition on Monday, with presumptive starter Josh McCown and Christian Hackenberg sharing first-team reps -- same as last week.Bryce Petty has slipped to a distant third, based on the number of practice reps, but he still has a chance to win the starting job, coach Todd Bowles insisted. By the end of the preseason, Petty will have the same number of game reps as the others, he said. That's because he's probably planning to play Petty for the entire fourth game.

A few takeaways from Monday :


McCown is a fiery competitor. At one point, he barked at offensive coordinator John Morton, presumably because the play call came in late and didn't leave him enough time to get set and run the play. This wasn't a crisp practice for McCown (8-for-18, four sacks), who misfired on four straight passes in the red zone and sputtered in a two-minute drill.

Wow moment : Early in practice, McCown made a nice back-shoulder pass to rookie ArDarius Stewart. Strong throw, excellent timing, good catch.

Whoa moment : There was a bad/funny moment near the goal line. Elijah McGuire ran a flat route out of the backfield, but never turned his head. McCown's pass hit him in the back of the helmet, conjuring up memories of the time Tim Tebow got doinked in the head in 2012.


Hackenberg received more reps than McCown (30 to 29), many of them coming with the starters. By having him split the work with McCown, the Jets are trying to do two things: They want to allow McCown to build chemistry with the starters while continuing to feed Hackenberg's development. This probably is the last week they can do that. Next week will be geared toward getting the starters ready.

Wow moment : Hackenberg made a nice throw on the run, rolling right and zipping a completion to Jalin Marshall.

Whoa moment : He didn't have any ugly moments, although there were three sacks. Overall, this wasn't a great day for Hackenberg (8-for-19), but he was victimized by three drops.


Petty (5-for-8) had only 10 reps -- a typical day. Bowles can say what he wants, but actions speak louder than words.

Wow moment : He rallied from a shaky start, throwing touchdowns on back-to-back plays in a red zone period. Petty was fired up after connecting with Myles White, who miraculously didn't drop it.

Whoa moment : Petty threw two interceptions, both of which came on deflections. Bad luck? Uh, not entirely. The first was a deep heave to Robby Anderson, the second was a forced throw into man-to-man coverage.

>     http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70343/is-bryce-petty-eliminated-from-jets-quarterback-competition

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Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer 

Jets offensive coordinator John Morton gave QB Christian Hackenberg solid marks for his performance in the first game. He liked his poise in the pocket and the way he protected the ball. He said it's "too early to tell" when Hackenberg will be ready to start in the regular season.

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 -- Offensive coordinator John Morton is pleased withChristian Hackenberg's progress at quarterback, but it doesn't sound like theNew York Jets are close to making him their starter.

Morton said Hackenberg is "basically a rookie," adding that it's "too early to tell" when the second-year quarterback will be ready to start a regular-season game.

This might not play well among impatient fans, who want to see Hackenberg in the Week 1 lineup, but the Jets appear committed to the deliberate approach that began the day he was drafted.

"He did a really good job," Morton said of Hackenberg's performance in the first preseason game. "He was decisive on his throws. I thought he was accurate. I thought he did a really nice job."He was poised, and that's what you want to see," he added. "Basically, he's a rookie, and he did a really nice job with that."Hackenberg, who replaced starter Josh McCown in the first quarter, completed 18 of 25 passes for 127 yards and no interceptions in the 7-3 win against theTennessee Titans. It was an ultra-conservative game plan, as 14 completions came within five yards of the line of scrimmage. Clearly, they didn't want to overwhelm Hackenberg, who saw no regular-season action as a rookie. It was dink and dunk to the max.

Bottom line : The Hackenberg-led offense produced no points in eight possessions.

The Jets haven't revealed their quarterback plans for Saturday night in Detroit, but look for McCown to play longer than one series and Hackenberg to see another dose of significant action. The issue on everybody's mind is when Hackenberg will be ready to start in the regular season. Morton didn't want to go there."It's too early to tell," he said, speaking to the media for the first time since the spring. "We're in this training-camp mode, and we have to play a couple of more preseason games and then we'll have a better feel and see where we're at. It's a whole different story when you get in games and evaluate guys. That's the real evaluation."

Overall, Morton likes the way Hackenberg has protected the football in camp. Unofficially, he has four interceptions in 145 pass attempts; all four came in back-to-back practices last week. The coaches have gradually increased his practice reps, giving him a chance to play with the first-team offense.

"He gets better every day," Morton said.

Morton was less complimentary of Bryce Petty, who is running a distant third in the so-called competition. He said Petty has done "pretty well for the most part. I think we need a little more consistency from him."

>     http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70361/jets-oc-too-early-to-tell-when-christian-hackenberg-will-be-ready-to-start

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-- Todd Bowles hasn't revealed his exact quarterback plan for Saturday night against the Detroit Lions, but he indicated Tuesday that Josh McCown will play more than last week -- meaning more than one series.Makes sense. The New York Jets need to increase McCown's playing time as they get closer to the regular season.

"I like his leadership, I like how he takes control of the offense," offensive coordinator John Morton said of the Jets' presumptive Week 1 starter, who had a brief but effective outing in the opener. "He's seen a lot of football. I like that. I like his experience. That's the biggest thing."Morton is a disciple of Jon Gruden, whose preference for seasoned quarterbacks was well known. Food for thought.

A recap of the quarterback competition on Tuesday :


This was a solid day for McCown (10-for-15), who was pleased by the overall performance of the offense. Afterward, he said, "We need to keep stacking days like this."

Wow moment: There was nothing spectacular, just a bunch of high-percentage throws that were executed.

Whoa moment: He almost was intercepted on his first pass, as linebacker Demario Davis dropped into coverage and deflected a pass. McCown has gone six straight practices without an interception. Did we just jinx him?


This was the fourth straight practice that Hackenberg had more total reps than McCown -- 23 to 20. He completed eight of 15 attempts, managing to avoid a sack -- a rarity. The pass protection was much better than Monday.

Wow moment: Hackenberg made two throws that stood out. He unleashed a 50-yard bomb to rookie wide receiver Dan Williams, who outmuscled Marcus Williams for the ball. Later, Hackenberg fired a laser to Robby Anderson on the far sideline. The pass had plenty of giddy-up on it, and Anderson made a two-handed, leaping catch.

Whoa moment: There were no hiccups; it was a clean day.


The Forgotten Quarterback received only six reps. Afterward, Petty (3-for-5) put on a brave face, saying, "You don't count the reps, you make the reps count."

Wow moment: Petty hooked up with rookie wide receiver Chad Hansen for a long touchdown. Their timing was outstanding on a deep in-cut, as Hansen caught it in stride and bolted for the end zone. Petty has made a handful of terrific throws in camp, but "we need a little more consistency from him," Morton said.

Whoa moment: There were no glaring mistakes.

>       http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70371/josh-mccown-earns-praise-will-see-expanded-action-against-lions

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-- John Morton has to know what he'll ultimately be graded on this season. The points per game his offense averages are a nice stat, but his ability -- or inability -- to develop Jets' second-year quarterback Christian Hackenberg is the true test.Through 12 camp practices and one preseason game, Morton is impressed with his young signal caller. There's just one caveat ...  

"Basically, he's a rookie," the first-year offensive coordinator said Tuesday. 

Hackenberg, obviously, isn't a rookie. But it's easy to understand where Morton's coming from. The Jets took a rather unique approach with their hopeful franchise quarterback last season. 

They, well, they didn't play him. 

Behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty to start the year, Hackenberg watched ... and watched ... and watched. He received scraps of reps in training camp, and was buried on the depth chart throughout the regular season. The Jets eventually elevated him to No. 2., but only because Smith and Petty suffered season-ending injuries. He never stepped on the field in a game. This year is different. The Jets are giving Hackenberg an abundance of reps in camp, including several with the first team. And he's doing some good things. In 12 practices, he has (unofficially) five touchdowns and just four interceptions. The interceptions came in two practices. 

"I like how he's taking care of the ball," Morton said. "I think he's done a really good job there. We're still in the evaluation process, but he gets better every day."In the Jets' 7-3 victory over the Titans to open the preseason, Hackenberg completed 18 of 25 passes (72 percent) and threw for 127 yards. He did fumble once, but it didn't appear to be his fault. Backup center Jonotthan Harrison seemed to snap the ball before Hackenberg was ready.Hackenberg rarely put the ball in harm's way. Just once -- an overthrow to receiver Frankie Hammond up the right sideline --  did he truly misfire. But, then again, it appeared coaches called an awfully conservative game. Hackenberg averaged just 5.1 yards per attempt.

Morton saw things differently.  

"We're still in training camp mode," Morton said. "We had plays. We called plays where we were taking shots. If it isn't there, we check the ball down. It just happened to be in those certain situations -- whatever the situation was, whether we were getting pressure or anything like that -- he has to go through his progressions. I thought he did a really nice job of doing that."The Jets unofficial depth chart is seemingly set. Veteran Josh McCown is the starter, followed by Hackenberg, then Bryce Petty. McCown impressed against the Titans, too. In his lone drive, he marched the Jets 78 yards in eight plays, and capped it with a four-yard touchdown pass to receiver Charone Peake. But McCown turned 38 this month. Hackenberg, at 22, is the franchise's potential future. 

At what point will the future become the present?

"I think that's too early to tell," Morton said. "Again, we're just in training camp mode. We've got to play a couple more preseason games, and then we'll have a better feel to see where we're at. 

"It's a whole different story once you get into a game to evaluate guys. That's the real evaluation." 

>     http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/08/john_morton_impressed_with_jets_christian_hackenbe.html#incart_river_index

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-- Christian Hackenberg took a baby step last week. Now it's time to take a grown-up step.

The Summer of Hack continues Saturday night in Detroit, where the second-year New York Jets quarterback will see significant action (again) with a chance to narrow the gap between him and Josh McCown. With every productive rep, Hackenberg moves a fraction closer to the starting job.Based on offensive coordinator John Morton's headline quote from the other day -- "Basically, he's a rookie" -- we can assume Hackenberg still isn't within striking distance of the starting job. The Jets don't want to rush him, and that's smart. It's August, not November.

That said, they want to see progress. This should be Hackenberg's to-do list against the Lions :

1. Lead a scoring drive. He generated no points in eight possessions last week against the Tennessee Titans.

2. Execute a two-minute drill. You can tell a lot about a quarterback when the pace gets frantic.

3. Execute in the red zone. He never made it that far against Tennessee.

4. Complete a pass that travels more than 10 yards in the air.

In the opener, Hackenberg completed 18 of 25 passes for only 127 yards, as 14 completions came within five yards of the line of scrimmage. He was 0-for-3 on attempts longer than 10 yards. This isn't the time to turn him into Daryle Lamonica in the old AFL, but it would be nice to see how Hackenberg reacts in a deep pocket, reading coverage downfield."I don't want him to force anything," coach Todd Bowles said Thursday. "We have plays built in to throw downfield. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but we do have plays in for him to throw downfield."

Bowles didn't reveal his quarterback rotation for the game, but the expectation is that McCown will start again. Asked if he's planning any lineup changes, Bowles said, "I would say no, but we'll discuss it." Interestingly, McCown didn't get any work during the game-plan portion of practice on Thursday.McCown should start. As Bowles said, "He needs practice and he needs some preseason. I don’t think he needs to go every game, all four quarters and everything like that, but he’ll play. He needs work.”But it's also important to get Hackenberg as many reps as possible. After riding the bench last season, he needs game action in the worst way.

"I think it’s just really trying to do everything that I’ve been trying to do up to this point, which is just go out, operate, do what is asked of me, take what the defense gives me and continue to grow," Hackenberg said.

Other things to watch Saturday night at Ford Field :

• The return of Bilal Powell, who sat out last week with a neck injury, should provide spark to a non-existent running game. Matt Forte (hamstring) still isn't ready to play.

• The offensive line remains in flux, with Bowles saying center and both tackle spots are up in the air. At center, Jonotthan Harrison is pushing Wesley Johnson in what is developing into a legitimate competition. The coach's comments notwithstanding, Kelvin Beachum and Brent Qvale are the favorites over Ben Ijalana and Brandon Shell at left and right tackle, respectively.

• We can't forget about the kicking competition. Ross Martin has outkicked Chandler Catanzaro in practice by a significant margin, but he hasn't had a chance in a game yet. It's a "dogfight," according to special-teams coordinator Brant Boyer.

"Everything is charted, so it's a huge body of work," Boyer said of the evaluation process. "But when it comes down to when the lights are turned on, can they perform? That's what matters."

>      http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70446/christian-hackenberg-has-a-long-to-do-list-for-his-second-game

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Enough is enough. It's time to put the New York Jets' quarterback competition to rest. Josh McCown should be declared the winner, albeit by default.

Given a terrific chance to state his case, Christian Hackenberg -- in a surprise start -- failed to generate any semblance of offense in the Jets' 16-6 loss to the Detroit Lions on Saturday night at Ford Field. In five possessions, the Hackenberg-led Jets crossed midfield only once (barely) and looked utterly lifeless.

This was a great learning experience for Hackenberg, who faced a starting defense, but it has become clear he's not ready to be the starting quarterback. In 13 possessions over two games, he has generated zero points. This week, he couldn't get away with his dinking and dunking. The Lions played tight coverage and pressured Hackenberg, who completed only 2 of 6 passes for 14 yards.

Like it or not, McCown -- who got the night off -- gives the Jets (1-1) the best chance to win. Assuming the goal still is to win games, coach Todd Bowles should give McCown two-plus quarters next week against the New York Giantsand name him the opening-day starter. It's time to get serious.

QB depth chart: Bryce Petty played the entire second half, and he looked better than Hackenberg. Playing against the Lions' backups, Petty (15-for-24, 160 yards) led the only two scoring drives and was able to push the ball downfield. He threw an interception, but it was a desperation throw in the final seconds. If there was any doubt about Petty's roster spot, it should be gone now. He did reasonably well for a guy who hasn't had many practice reps.

rest of above article : 

>    http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70489/christian-hackenberg-sputters-making-qb-decision-a-no-brainer

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On the first play of the fourth quarter in Saturday night’s 16-6 Jets loss to the Lions, Bryce Petty had a moment.

The third-year quarterback stepped to the line, saw six Lions defenders in the box and walked back into the shotgun, moved some players around and called an audible. The result was a 23-yard pass to Myles White down the Detroit sideline. It was a moment that let you know maybe Petty should not be the quarterback left behind in this Jets competition.

Petty has been running third in this three-man quarterback all summer. He has gotten limited reps in practice (about 100 fewer than Christian Hackenberg) and has never really felt like a real contender for the job. Early on in camp, it looked justified. Petty clearly was having trouble with John Morton’s offense. But lately, Petty looks like he’s getting it, and Saturday night he outplayed Hackenberg.We can’t get too carried away because Petty faced the third-team Lions defense and Hackenberg played against the starters, but Petty made plays where Hackenberg didn’t. Petty led two field-goal drives, completing 15-of-24 passes for 160 yards and one interception that came on a desperation throw in the final seconds of the game. Hackenberg went 2-of-6 for 14 yards.

it will be interesting to see how Jets coach Todd Bowles divides the reps this week. Josh McCown is now clearly the odds-on favorite to start Week 1 against the Bills and likely will play most of Saturday night’s preseason game against the Giants. But have the Jets made a mistake by writing off Petty as the No. 2? Should he leapfrog Hackenberg on the depth chart? These are questions that at least deserve consideration by the Jets this week.

After the loss to the Lions, Bowles did not sound like he was overly impressed with what Petty had done.“Well, he moved the ball, but again, we didn’t score any points,” Bowles said of Petty. “So, when you don’t score any points, then you can’t win ballgames. But he had some good throws and some good plays here and there.”Petty has been the good soldier through this whole spring and summer. While he must know Bowles has only paid lip service to this being a three-way competition, Petty has not complained when his reps are few and far between.

On Saturday, he was critical of himself for not reaching the end zone but saw some positives.

“I thought we executed plays better than last week, which is something that I wanted to do coming into this week was execute better,” Petty said. “We just have to finish drives. When you’ve put in all that work, eight to 10 plays and get down there, let’s finish it. So, that starts with me executing and making sure that we’re in the best place possible and you know, ball placement on my part. So, definitely things to work on, but happy with the execution of that group and of those guys coming back from last week.”

Petty was viewed as a project when the Jets took him in the fourth round of the 2015 draft out of Baylor and its simplistic offense. Petty started four games last year and did not play overly well. But there is a certain moxie about the way Petty plays that makes you think there might be something there. It could just be an illusion or it might be reality. Saturday night there were glimpses of him figuring things out.“This is the first time I’ve ever ran a West-Coast system, and I love it,” Petty said. “I absolutely love it. So, I’m excited to come to work every day and learn something and you know, that quarterback room with coach [Jeremy] Bates, I’m learning something new every day. So, that part is exciting, and it’s good to see production on the field.”

>      http://nypost.com/2017/08/20/the-forgotten-jets-quarterback-begins-to-make-his-case/

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-- It's not a quarterback controversy, per se. It's a quarterback problem. The New York Jets have it bad, and there's nothing that can happen over the next six days that can change that.

If Josh McCown is named the opening-day starter next Monday, as expected, it'll be a victory for him, but a loss for the organization. It would be an acknowledgement of what we've suspected from the start of training camp, that Christian Hackenberg isn't ready to start an NFL game. Taking a macro view of the situation, it's never a good thing when a second-round pick -- in his second year -- can't beat out a 38-year-old journeyman on a rebuilding team.

A journeyman who, over the last three seasons, has a 2-20 record as a starter and a league-low Total QBR (45.4).

Let me be clear: McCown is the best choice because he gives them the best chance to win and, unlike the legions of fans in the "tanking" camp, I'm a firm believer in playing the best guy at the start of the season. But in this case, the "best" choice doesn't mean a happy ending to the months-long quarterback competition.

The ideal scenario would've been a recalibrated Hackenberg, storming into training camp, lighting up the practice field and taking command of the offense in the first two preseason games. Instead, it has gone like this :

Total possessions: 13.

Points scored: 0.

Drives across midfield: 3.

Hackenberg nearly got himself decapitated in the last game because he misread the defense at the line of scrimmage, turning loose Detroit Lions defensive end Cornelius Washington. To his credit, he owned up to it, saying he should've changed the protection scheme before the snap. On Monday, he took solace in the way he responded."It was good because I had to do some things that, before, I may not have handled it as well," said Hackenberg, the surprise starter in Detroit. "It could've had a trickle-down effect and really exploded. I thought it was good that I was able to kind of handle things and bounce back when things aren't going my way."

Yes, he showed toughness, but his performance didn't improve after Washington chopped him down like a cherry tree. Hackenberg probably will play Saturday night against the New York Giants -- figure in the second half -- but there's nothing he can do against the Giants' backups that would dramatically alter the quarterback situation. Could he get another run with the starters? If Todd Bowles goes that route, he'd be begging Hackenberg to take the job.

The Giants could really mess it up for the Jets if they force McCown into an ugly, turnover-laden performance, giving Bowles a lesser-of-three-evils choice: McCown or Hackenberg or Bryce Petty. Even then, he'd have to lean toward McCown, a smart, fiery leader who at least has demonstrated the ability to function in a regular-season game.Unless, of course, owner Woody Johnson chimes in from London, suggesting (wink, wink) Hackenberg for the job. The boss is in youth-movement mode, perhaps dreaming of Sam Darnold, and we already know he's willing to endure a year of humble pie to go with his fish and chips.

No matter what happens, his coach faces a no-win decision.

>       http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70554/jets-quarterback-decision-no-win-situation-for-todd-bowles

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-- Before naming a starting quarterback next week, New York Jets coach Todd Bowles apparently wants to take one more look at Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.

Continuing a weeklong trend, Hackenberg and Petty shared practice reps Thursday as Josh McCown played the role of bystander. McCown took only one rep, and that came with the scout-team offense. Hackenberg got 18 reps with the starters, Petty 14.

This was the final practice before the Jets face the New York Giants on Saturday night in their third preseason game. The last practice before a game usually is a good indicator of who will play, although Bowles cautioned the lopsided rep distribution will have no bearing on the quarterback rotation.Bowles declined to name a starter for Saturday night. He still expects to name his regular-season starter next week, although he backed off the Monday timetable, saying it could be Tuesday or Wednesday.Facing a barrage of quarterback questions, Bowles claimed it's still an "open competition." McCown remains the favorite, but an impressive showing by Hackenberg could change the conversation. It would have to be very impressive.

"The more he plays, the better he gets," Bowles said.

Hackenberg has a long, long way to go; he has yet to generate any points in 13 possessions over two games this preseason. If you count the final game of the 2016 preseason, his scoreless streak is 26 consecutive possessions.Hackenberg got the start last week and struggled against the Detroit Lions, but his pass protection was poor, according to Bowles. Hackenberg played behind the No. 1A offensive line, which included three players auditioning for starting jobs. Perhaps Bowles wants to see Hackenberg behind the No. 1 line before making a final decision.Give Bowles points for being thorough, but there's a dangerous downside to this strategy: If McCown sees limited or no action against the Giants, he'll be rusty for the season opener. So far, McCown has played only one series this preseason -- the opening drive in the first game. He sat out last week.

McCown, ever the good soldier, said he has no problem with the inactivity. He said Bowles talked to him at the start of the week, explaining the strategy."There's no substitute (for reps), but I also understand there's a plan in place to evaluate the roster and evaluate our team and evaluate this position group," McCown said. "They're trying to get two young guys ready and up to speed as well."

McCown said he's confident he'd be able to play "at a high level" in Week 1 even with limited prep time. He is experienced and smart, but this is a new offensive system and a new receiving corps. And in case you haven't noticed, the offense isn't loaded with explosive players. Every week will be a struggle; imagine having a rusty quarterback.A week ago, Bowles said McCown needed to "get work" against the Lions. Curiously, McCown didn't play at all.

"He gets a lot of work on the practice field and he had a good drive in the first game," Bowles said. "We want to see the other two guys."

>     http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70637/jets-poised-to-give-christian-hackenberg-another-shot

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After a practice workweek which saw Christian Hackenbergicon-article-link.gif and Bryce Pettyicon-article-link.gif get the majority of reps, could Hackenberg be in line to make his second consecutive preseason start for the Jets?“I just look at it as whenever my number is called, I’m going to go out and execute to the best of my ability,” he told reporters following Thursday’s walk through. “So whatever Coach says, I’ll be ready and waiting.”

Todd Bowles declined to discuss his signal-caller intentions for Saturday’s night MetLife Bowl between the Jets and the Giants.“We’ll discuss the quarterbacks tonight,” he said.Bowles has reiterated throughout training camp that the Jets have a three-man QB competition and he would like to even out the reps amongst veteran Josh McCownicon-article-link.gif and the young pair. McCown got most of the early work in camp with the starters and he led the Jets on a TD drive on the team’s opening possession of the preseason.

Hackenberg, who played two and a half quarters in Week 1 against Tennessee and the first half last Saturday in Detroit, is completing 64.5% of his throws in game action and has been sacked three times. The entire offense got off to a slow start in the Motor City, not picking up a first down until a second quarter scramble from the second-year passer as he finished just 2-of-6 for 14 yards with two sacks before being replaced by Petty. Whether he starts or not, Hackenberg says it’s imperative he get in a better rhythm.“It’s just getting on schedule earlier. I think being able to get a couple completions under my belt, whether we do that getting outside the pocket, however it is, just doing something like that and then being able to, like I was saying, just getting the flow of the game, get in a rhythm and then carry that through,” he said. “I thought that was the biggest difference from the first week to last week was I was able to get in a flow and things kind of rolled. That’s something I’ve worked on throughout practice this week and I feel pretty good about moving forward.”

Often the overlooked passer in the competition, Petty has finished both of the Jets’ preseason games while completing 17 of 30 for 176 yards with an interception coming in the final seconds last weekend.“Every day I come in here, it’s competing to be the starter,” Petty said. “So, you know, you just wait until your number is called and when it’s called you go attack those opportunities you get. You don’t worry about anything else. You try to be a better quarterback today than you were yesterday. That’s competition the whole time.”The 6’3”, 230-pound Petty moved the Jets down the field against the Lions, but the Green & White were forced to settle for a pair of field goals on two second-half trips inside the 20.“I want to finish drives and that’s something that I’m going to stress one, to those guys but two, with myself, my mental process to know what they do in the red zone,” he said. “It’s one thing getting there, but the biggest thing is punching it in.”Next week, it is expected Bowles will name a Week 1 starter for the regular season.

“We are competing every day, it’s not going to change. Every day that we come in here we’re going to compete as a group,” Petty said. “So, it doesn’t matter who’s the starter. I think that’s something great about that room is that when we’re competing amongst each other, it makes the team better.”

>     http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-7/Christian-Hackenberg-Is-Ready-and-Waiting/88058e76-3d7b-4cbc-9a0e-6f15dfb35312

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