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A pragmatist's guide to watching the 2017 Jets season

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26 minutes ago, SickJetFan said:

Macc is in charge here if you have not figured that out yet

You really think it was Bowles who went out and got Morton, Bates, the 2 other off assists, Green, Dunn, and the cb coach....the only thing Bowles did was sit in on interviews and pout...they hired his future replacement in there.

You really think Bowles had any say in draft or FA...uhm no.

So what's left? Who will play....Bowles lost lots credibility in that department last season with RB,  QB,  secondary decisions.  He riding a 10 and 6 season from year before.  He wont have that same luxory again.  By default Macc is deciding who will play by bringing in the new coaches.

So what's left ? Bowles is just a rubber stamper and his days are numbered.


This I highly doubt, it would make waaay too much sense, but I do hope you are correct.

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