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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Demonstrate How To Dodge An Unwanted Hug

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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Demonstrate How To Dodge An Unwanted Hug



Seinfeld was famously guided by one major motto: no hugging, no learning. Jerry Seinfeld's entire comedic persona was based on the idea of analytically keeping intimacy at bay (which is why he broke up with all those women on the show for things like having large hands, eating peas one at a time, and enjoying a Cotton Dockers ad). The one time Jerry and George almost hugged it was painful for everyone. If you are a huge fan, you know there is nothing about Seinfeld that screams, "I want to hug another human being, especially one I don't know." 

And yet, Kesha attempted to hug Seinfeld while they were on the red carpet for the David Lynch Foundation's A Night of Laughter and Song at the Kennedy Center on Monday. "I’m Kesha. I love you so much," she said before asking for the hug. Despite his obvious discomfort, she presses on: "A little one," she asks. "Yeah, no thanks," Seinfeld says as he steps back.





There are three very important takeaways here: one is that no one, regardless of celebrity, should be forced to hug/make physical contact with another human being if they are uncomfortable with it, even if it is offered out of love. There is nothing "weird" about Seinfeld not wanting to hug someone who is a complete stranger to him (nor would it be weird if he did know her, and still preferred to keep his distance). 


Next: if you mess with Kesha, you mess with Kesha fans. And Kesha fans do not play around: just peruse the hashtag #JerrySeinfeldIsOverParty if you don't believe me. They are vicious:


Kesha is a LEGEND who has 4 #1s & has sold 100 MILLION RECORDS while Jerry seinfeld is a unkown trash. #JerrySeinfeldisOverPartypic.twitter.com/UZ0iyxyacc

Lady Gaga ♡ (@GagaNewsShade) June 7, 2017


Repost to raise awareness! Together we can end his career Animals ❤ #JerrySeinfeldisOverParty pic.twitter.com/a3V5UuCk39

Kesha Rose (@_Keshacannibal) June 6, 2017

#JerrySeinfeldisOverParty even if u didn't know who Kesha was you still hug her she's a fuÇking FAN

Chloe ☀︎☾ (@twtlurie) June 6, 2017

And lastly, she may have had more luck if she just went for the hand-hug:

[h/t Vulture]



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