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Do the Jets really have the worst roster in the NFL?


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First, if the FO thought Hack was anything other than a wasted draft pick, they wouldn't have purged the roster.  Can't expect Hack to play well with the most inferior supporting cast in the NFL even if he had potential.

Our OL is patchwork at best.  We signed Beachum to a contract like he was our long time solution at LT instead of him being a huge question that will have to greatly improve over his last two seasons.  Ijalana being the other starter says enough.

At WR, it was easy for Enunwa to get open with Marshall garnering all the D's attention.  Now that he'll be covered by the opposing #1 CB, he is going to have to be much better than last year.  Anderson benefited with BM and Q out there.  Now we'll see how he does as the teams #2 guy.

Powell is underrated but he is not Zeke Elliott, which he would probably needs to be to raise the level of play of the rest of the offense.

On DL, Leo is our best player and probably our only marketable asset.  Until Wilk and SRich prove that football is their priority, Im skeptical that they could be positive influences on this young team.

Our LBs could be the worst in the league. Jenkins has potential but the others (Mauldin, Davis, and Lee) haven't shown they can be more than placeholders right now.  Sure Lee has a ton of potential, but he has a long way to go.  

On our secondary, I liked what I saw from Burris but if Claiborne is healthy, whoever plays opposite of him, is going to get worn out.  I love the new safety tandem but they are both rookies and will have a lot of growing pains.

That being said, there are probably less than 10 players on the current roster that will be here in 2019.

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19 hours ago, JetNation said:


Daniel Jeremiah reports that an unnamed NFL executive believes the Jets have the “worst roster in the past decade” after the Jets announced David Harris and Eric Decker will no longer be with the team.



While this team certainly is not built to win right now, it does have some very talented players. First off, any team in the NFL would love to have our defensive lineman, Leonard Williams. He is an ascending player and our #1 building block. Aside from him, the following players should be a huge part of this team going forward.


Jamal Adams & Marcus Maye


Yes, they are both rookies, but this safety tandem is going to be a force to be reckoned with throughout the NFL in a few seasons. There is going to be a learning curve and some bumps in the road this season, but if they are coached up properly, I believe Adams will become a perennial pro-bowl safety and Maye will become a great starter in this league.


Muhammad Wilkerson


He didn’t have a great season last year coming off a serious leg injury, but he should be able to bounce back and produce at a high level again and make that huge contract worth while. If his performance continues to decline or remain stagnant, then he may not be worth keeping at his price tag, but the presence of an improving Leonard Williams should make things easier for Mo.


Quincy Enunwa


He’s only 25 years old and caught 58 passes for 857 yards and 4 touchdowns as our #3 WR for most of last season. Now that Marshall and Decker are both gone, Enunwa suddenly becomes our #1 and should be able to thrive. I predict 1,000+ receiving yards and 6+ TDs for Enunwa regardless of who is playing QB this season.


Some other players who are or could become quality starters for this team include:


Sheldon Richardson – DL – 26 years old (if he stays out of trouble)
Darron Lee – LB – 22 years old
Robby Anderson – WR – 24 years old
James Carpenter – OG – 28 years old
Brian Winters – OG – 25 years old
Deon Simon – NT – 26 years old
Morris Claiborne – CB – 27 years old (if he stay’s healthy)
Juston Burris – CB – 23 years old
Chad Hansen – WR – 22 years old
ArDarius Stewart – WR – 23 years old
Austin Seferian-Jenkins – TE – 24 years old
Jordan Leggett – TE – 22 years old
Lorenzo Mauldin – OLB – 24 years old
Jordan Jenkins – OLB – 22 years old
Brandon Shell – OT – 25 years old


… and lastly, Christian Hackenberg?? – QB – 22 years old


If even half of these guys on this list are developed properly, stay healthy, and perform up to their ability, this team is not devoid of talent at all. However, a lot of these players are very young and this team lacks experience, which is going to hurt us this season. I’ll admit, we may have one of the worst, if not the worst, record in the NFL this season, but I do not agree that this is one of the worst rosters in the past decade. I personally believe that “honor” belongs to the 2008, 0-16, Detroit Lions, who, besides Calvin Johnson, really didn’t have anybody else.


The future is bright Jets fans, we just gotta make it through this rebuild and let these young players develop!


Jetnationcom?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Jetnationcom?d=qj6IDK7rITs


Click here to read the full story...

no they don't.  they are missing a qb and a couple of playmakers on offense/defense.  nobody on the jets scares the opposing teams (maybe leo and shelly and maybe anderson).  but that doesn't mean such a player isn't on the team.  teams can build their own superstars by playing good sound football for the full 60 minutes.

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