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Cops Mafia


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1) Dice - Mafia Lawyer (Lynched D4)

2) Jif - Vanilla Town (Killed N2)

3) 80 - Mafia Drug Dealer (Lynched D3)

4) Ape - Survivor w/ (1x BPV) and drug addiction (Lynched D2)

5) JC

6) Crusher - Town Cop (Killed N4)

7) Lizard - Vanilla Town (Killed N3)

8) Krak

9) Smash - Town Vig (x6) (Killed N2)

10) DPR - Vanilla Town (Lynched D5)

11) Pac - Town BG (Killed N5)

12) Nyn 

13) Spoot - Town Mason (Killed N1)

14) Zander - Vanilla Town (Modkilled D1)

15) Verbal


Sample Town PM

You are a rookie on the force. Tonight you're on call to assist in filming a reality tv show. Kind of lame but at least you're not behind a desk.
Role: Vanilla Town
Alignment: Town
You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

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