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Cops Mafia


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53 minutes ago, Jetscode1 said:

If you're scum, you win with Krak's lynch.  If Krak is scum, you win with town.  Only way you lose is if Nyn is scum.  If Nyn is scum she could have won by voting you.  I hate when you play stupid.  Usually means you're scum.

I know, I was testing to see if she tried to switch back to me and get you to go along if she messed that up.  Final test, she passed.  This ends now.


Vote: Krak

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"Today has been one crazy day huh?"
"Yeah so much violence and death. Every time we were just outgunned and outsmarted. It's almost like they knew we were coming."
"Haha yeah it's crazy. Hold on a sec. Kssshhhh Officer @Klecko73isGod we're going to need some assistance. I'll send the details to your vehicle ksshhhhhh. Ok so yeah pretty crazy day."

"Yeah....crazy...like they had someone on the inside who was giving them warnings about our every move."
"Yeah, cra-"

Krak stopped mid sentence and looked behind him. He thought he was just having a friendly conversation with an off duty officer but when he looked the entire station was standing there silently behind him and wouldn't you know it there was a camera right in his face as well. 

"Why'd you do it?"
Krak shrugged, "Money was better than this sh*t job pays."
"We were your brothers. You were supposed to protect us like we'd protect you."
"Yeah...but I don't even actually like any of you. You're all over emotional assholes. Do what you gotta do."
With that they took out their batons and gave Krak a good whack.


Krak, Dispatcher, Mafia Role Cop has been lynched


Verbal, JC, and Nyn have survived! The Town wins!!

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Just now, D P R said:

LOL. Always kill the Miller. Always. 

Absolute strategies don't work in Mafia.  In this game, Verbal doing what he did was a pro-town move, and town not killing him was smart.  Maybe in another game it wouldn't have been.  

But JN Mafia, even on a bad day, is better than anywhere else, and the normal rules just don't always apply.  

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Verbal's role


You are just a black guy taking a walk around your block at night. What? You thought he was going to be a drug dealer or something? That's racist! As a matter of fact you are part of the neighborhood watch, keeping your community safe and re. The nerve of some people huh?



Role: Miller (You appear guilty to investigations)

Alignment: Town

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

His reaction, as promised


Of course I appear guilty.





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