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John Mara: I wish we had an owner like this

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17 hours ago, dbatesman said:

Not sure how Mara is a better owner then Woody, or how the Giants are a better franchise then the Jets frankly

How, the only way a franchise is measured wether inherited and kept from going into the sh*tter, or bought as a hobby.


Lombardi Trophies

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Spot on.

If John Mara could be cloned twice, I would trade him for Woody, Dolan and Wilpon in a second.

He and his family run a respectable, classy organization.

Not to mention his family has 4 Lombardi trophies in 5 trips over the last 31 years.

And they won without cheating.

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On July 27, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Tinstar said:

It's easy to have an owner like Mara . All you have to do is become a Giants fans . 

Me personally, I wish the Jets would revisit the West side Stadium  situation .

Not happening we're locked into the ugly Alien beehive thing the taxpayers funded because the "classy" Maras didn't want a retractable roof with a lease

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On 7/28/2017 at 0:28 PM, flgreen said:

Certainly can't blame Woody for that.  That's all on NYC politicians 

Woody was too cheap to payoff Sheldon Silver when he had the chance. If he had, the team would have a showcase stadium of their own in the greatest city in the USA.

20 hours ago, BigRy56 said:

Giants fans: "Woody Johnson: I wish we had an owner like this"

The grass is always greener, folks.

I dont think there is a sane or sober Giants fan in the world that would say that unless there was a gun to their head.

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