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New Ads - 08/02

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Okay, I know there were problems with mobile redirect ads earlier this week. That network has been scrapped and replaced with another one. Historically these guys don't pay as much but their ad quality has been much better.

I asked them about the problems we had with mobile redirects and this was their response.



Hi Phil,

We do not run such campaigns and they are strictly prohibited. We run special tools to determine such behaviors and block them. 


So I put their ads in place on Desktop and Tablets. I don't have any ads up at all for mobile phones. I will work them in once we verify that everything is working.

Please give me as much information as possible if you have any issues.


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4 hours ago, thshadow said:

Thanks for doing this!

I wouldn't be surprised if the ad networks that pay the most allow ads that do less than pleasant things (or at least they don't work too hard to prevent them).

Yes I agree. I think they look away to bring in more money. But it is shortsighted because lack of quality will ruin the end user experience.

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We have two ad networks in place. It is really hard to tell which one is causing the problem. So I just picked one of them and removed them completely. So right now we have one ad network in place, please let me know if the problem stops or if it continues. Give it 10 minutes or so to make sure only the one network is serving ads.


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Let me know if it is a once a day thing or if it keeps happening. The good news is we have a primary new ad network and when I have just them up there have been no issues.

The bad news is they fill about 30% of our inventory so that means the site would be negative. So I am looking for a 2nd network, have one in there now. They are filling 100%. So at least I know where they are coming from now, just let me know if it keeps happening. Thanks.

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