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Penn State Football - Tailgating

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Going to a game this year, still working on which one.  Either vs Indiana but the Jets are home vs Jags the next day. Or 10/21 vs Michigan, Jets are away the next day so that is probably a better bet.

Anyhow I plan on taking the RV. Does anyone know the tailgating situation out there? I haven't looked it up yet, figured I would start by asking everyone here.

Any other thoughts are appreciated, tickets etc. My nephew goes there so we will be going out to see him.

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6 hours ago, Maxman said:

@Scott Dierking any help here? :)

I am assuming that you will be taking the RV up, and staying in that (advisable as it would be tough to get hotels now). If at all possible, you will want to go up the day before (or earlier) because the traffic can be horrendous the day of the game. As you go up earlier, you will be cordoned to an RV area (although they may allow you to park in general admission as well). There will be signs along the traffic routes to direct you to the appropriate lot.

There will be a parking fee (not sure what it is for RV's, but probably along the lines of $35).The majority of these lots are still grass and dirt. There are a few that are blacktop now, so you will want to wear appropriate shoes, especially in the case of rain. 

Other than that, expect a very "community oriented" crowd with "neighborly aspects". I know you do not drink alcohol, but kegs were prohibited a number of years ago. You can get away with having them, but be discreet. There are no distractions to grills, barbecues, or any other cooking devices that I am aware. 

I would not necessarily expect to leave right after the game wither. It would just be a measure in frustration in leaving en masse. Advisable would be to stay Saturday night, Uber into State College and spend a night around town and seeing a small town filled with students and alumni. It is a sight to behold. I can give you advise to local establishments in town, based on what you want to do and types of food you want to eat. 

Let me know what else I can advise you to, and have fun.

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On 8/16/2017 at 8:07 AM, Scott Dierking said:

Thanks again Scott. I am going out the weekend of 9/30. Penn State on Saturday, Jets on Sunday. Should be fun!

Going to look into parking out there this week. Not sure if I am doing the overnight or not.

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