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"Hey, honey... Yeah, it certainly is hot out today... Yes, honey, I'm drinking plenty of water... I don't think that's true, hon, but no, I'm not drinking coffee just to be safe... Yes, I put on sunscreen... Yes, I know, melanoma is on the rise... The players look fine, hon... Yes, I give them plenty of water, too... No, I don't put sunscreen on them, they are big boys, hon... Yes, Todd is still giving me the silent treatment... Yes, I already tried to explain it to him... No, he won't listen... Yep, just crosses his arms and looks the other way... Well, what more can I do? He thinks I'm sabotaging his job... What do you mean this would be the second career I ruined?... Is this about that job back in Houston?!... For Christ's sake, Betty, we've been through this! I never told you not to take it!... You wanted us to come here! You said you wanted to support me!...  No, this job was your idea, but somehow now it's my fault?!... Oh, there we go, right to the insults! That hurts, Betty!... Oh, really, now; is that the truth?... Well, THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME NOW, BETTY! It's not like I needed to know that information THREE ******* YEARS AGO! THEN I WOULDN'T EVEN BE IN THIS MESS!... AH, sh*t! Sheldon's lighting up underneath the bleachers again; I gotta go Betty... No, Todd, ISN'T doing anything about it... We'll talk about how you ****ed me later... When?... Whenever the **** I get home, that's when!... No, I'm not going to a bar... I don't... Let me speak... Let me... **** it, goodbye."

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1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

"Bill, you said this kid was gonna be good and now we're...why are you laughing? Bill?"

This gets a rep because when I took the pic I pointed out to another beat writer that Mac was working the phones and said, "He's probably on the phone to O' Brien asking him why he told him Hack was a good QB"

Kidding aside....Hack had a few good throws, but was mostly very bad.  I didn't chart passes but just saw an article that said he was 4-12 in team periods.

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Hello, it's me
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine
Seeing you, or seeing anything as much as I do you
I take for granted that you're always there
I take for granted that you just don't care
Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through
It's important to me
That you know you are free
'Cause I never want to make you change for me

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