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Breaking news: Brady buying an Apple Watch tomorrow morning.

He's still running out of the tunnel.

The worst thing about last night was the NBC announcers constantly making apologies for the horrible cheater defense . The Best thing about last night was watching the cheaters 2 high prize CBs gettin

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1 minute ago, Maxman said:

I thought for sure the cheats would take the field goal to make it 10 - 0.  Nice stop, let's go Chiefs offense. Don't fumble this time.

I hope Adams and  Maye just watched Eric Berry. That's how it's done! 

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2 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

LOL bringing Alex Smith to play the Pats is like bringing a knife to a gun fight!  Can't wait for the Jets to sign him next season for 3 years 60 million smh.

Bringing Josh McCown to play any team in the NFL is like bringing a knife and then stabbing yourself to death with it. 

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Alex Smith still afraid to be more than a poor man's Pennington. Pats still cry for a flag on every play. Pats OL still mugs the pass rush. Collinsworth is unlistenable. My fantasy players aren't touching the ball.

All seems normal.

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Hey see what happens when you actually throw the damn ball KC??  How bout more of that in the 2nd half.

Now get Kelce the damn ball in the 2nd half so I can salvage the first night of fantasy football for my leagues lol

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Pats take away Kelce, and that will be the game. At some point Chiefs will pay the price for Andy Reid being Andy Reid.You don't need safeties to take away the other team's best option, but you need to pass effectively if you want to win NFL games. THIS IS A RECORDING. 

Pats look sloppy but it won't matter. 


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