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### Jets \ Bills -- (2017 Season Is Here) Game Thread ###

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Jets football is back. After a long offseason that saw the Jets purge the roster of veterans, a young and hungry team is about to take the field minus all the drama of years past.

Head coach Todd Bowles has been short with the answers to the media. He did that because this team is going to beat expectations and they will do their talking on the field.

Be sure to check out our NY Jets game preview.

We are going back to Rocky I for this week. The goal is to go the distance. Show the world this isn't about a tank, it is about developing young talent.

Let's go Jets. Win and you are in sole possession of first place.


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1 hour ago, Mogglez said:

27-17 Bills. Jets score a TD late to make it closer than it really was.

McCown - 2 TDs 1 Pick.

Robby Anderson - 4 catches 78 yards and a TD.

I think if the Jets stop Shady this game has the makings of a 20-17 Jets win with a big play from the D against a one dimensional Tyrod Taylor for a D score.  All the Jets wins this year are going to come in the first 5 weeks IMO, whatever their win total heading to week 6 is IMO what it will be after week 17, maybe +1 win if a team decides to roll over, and take the day off assuming the Jets would also roll over for them alla the 2014 Steelers game.

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2 hours ago, Lupz27 said:

This is all I ask for, I want to see McQuire getting 5-10 touches, both Hansen, and Stewart active, and getting a good chunk of the plays, at least like 30-50% play count, more would be better, obviously were gonna see the safties that is nice.  Can't wait for CB Derrick Jones to play his way on to the field this year, it probably won't happen for a few games maybe even half the season, but I think that kid will be the gem of this draft class 3 years from now.

If I wake up to see Hansen, and Stewart healthy inactives this week I'm gonna lose my sh*t, both need to play, need them both to be up to speed come next season for when Q gets healthy giving us a formidable 5 WR core of insert FA signed #1 WR maybe Allen Robinson, R Anderson, Q, and Stewart as big bodied willing blockers in the slot, and Hansen to come in to run some 9's, and deep posts for our shiny new QB whomever that may be.  I don't want to hear well you know Ardarius, and Chad are really still kinda of in the rookie stage because they didn't play that much last year because we really liked what we had in Kearse, and Kerley.

Bowles needs to get over this veteran non sense, it's time to play the younger hungrier players, let them take their lumps, and make their mistakes now in the easy part of the schedule so when we get to the meat part of it starting week 6 they are a little battle tested, same for EMcQ.

Tomorrow will be tough to watch a starting offense of McCown, Forte, Tye, Kearse, Kerley, and one young guy in Anderson on offense, I want to see EMcQ rotated in, and a lot of Robbie, Hansen, Stewart 3 wide sets, now that will give me something to get a little juiced up for to see those kids with a chance to make an impression!

As usual who ever they put out there, I will be screaming at the TV for every bad play, and cheering every good play like forgetting the most likely reality of this year is going to be bad.


J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget last year's guys too ... I'm hoping to see Burris start to prove he belongs in the starting line up, and more out of Lee, Jenkins and the likes.

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5 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

It'll be a small thing, but you'll know whether or not Bowles is going to last the season based on whether or not Hackenberg is active today. If he is, Bowles is dead man walking. 

The only way Hackenberg is active is if Petty's knee isn't ready.  However he did practise this week.

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46 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

Today I find out if it is physically possible to root for the Jets to lose the first game of a season.

Indeed. Watching the Jets is like calling a bitchy ex-girlfriend in the hope of having bad sex and an argument. Are the apples ripe yet? :)

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