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Lil Woody

Bowles has to go and he has to go right now.

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Everyone freaking out about the punt down 2 scores with 4 minutes plus to go are wrong. Flat out 100% Jets fan oxygen deprived brain wrong. 

The Chargers scored 2 TDs in a minute and ten seconds on MNF

Points get scored quickly all the time in this league. 4 minutes and the two minute warning, and the 3 timeouts is a lifetime in this league.

No the points don't get scored when Josh "poopy pants" McCown is your QB a dude that Fitz outdueled last year h2h.

and we saw that on the last drive, even though they were down 9 instead of 8 it still ends up the same way.

the drives at the start of the game count the same as the end and the offense was crap all day  

but that's not really a Todd Bowles level problem. If we are being honest it's a Mac problem. 

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10 hours ago, Lil Woody said:

Proof is in his actions.  Not in the words spun by his agents to the tabloids.  We will see what kind of man he is trying to become.  But his past actions suggest he is a bum.  And it's way past time we stopped taking chances on other peoples garbage.  It almost never works out. This whole low risk, high reward...buy troubled players and give them a springboard approach was a major flaw in Tannenbaum's approach.  And when it does work, these reclamation projects want big money to stay and have no loyalty to the team who put in the work to help them resurrect their career.  See Santonio Holmes.

More Ohio St. trash.

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