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6 Jets ruled out vs Oakland

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50 minutes ago, Sarge4Tide said:


Interesting that with all the hoopla about drafting two Safetys, they are two of the only three we have healthy this week and the third one we traded for during the preseason.  Talk about overhauling a position...

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1 hour ago, jack48 said:

the Jets could put 12 guys out there on defense and offense and the Raiders would still beat them

I think this is true.

I know there are other NFL teams in the same boat, but it seems like there are alot of guys injured on this team.

I remember when Bill Parcells took over the Jets and, at his opening press conference, put out the three-ring binders of all the injury reports.   The Jets got tougher and healthier in a hurry.

Over the last 5+ years one of the dirty little secrets of college football has been Jim Mora's program at UCLA.  They are producing a number of NFL ready/quality players.  We will meet one this Sunday-the DT Vander-something., a third round pick.  UCLA had a reputation of producing players whose bodies were not pro ready.

The Strength and Conditioning Coach at UCLA-Sal Palosi.

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