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### New York Jets vs Oakland Raiders Game Thread ###


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2 minutes ago, Maddog45 said:

Idgaf what no one says I hope this is our only win this season , Bowles football team is disciplined compared to Rex and del rios team . And he got the defense playing big boy ball against a top 3 NFL offense . I hope we keep him after this tank job 

Drugs are NOT the answer this early in the day.  Just sayin.

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Just now, T0mShane said:

That was nice of Leonard Williams to use his body to keep Beast Mode from hitting the ground too hard when he crossed the goal line.

That 3 plays was simply "Hey we're gonna ram Lynch down your throat, let's see if you have the balls to stop it". Here's the pussy knee move Bowles loves so. 

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Just now, gEYno said:

If only low-energy Todd Bowles was all like "IKSTEAD OF DROPPING PUNTS NEAR THE GOALLINE YOU NEED TO CATCH THEM #COACHING" in practice this week, then we'd be in good shape headed into the 2nd half.

The best is how much fail he'd have displayed by putting Kerley out there to fair catch it or return it for 5 yards. 

Gotta get these kids on the field... They couldn't do any worse... 

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